Unfinished Chapters

You know that moment where you’re reading an addicting book during the night and get to a point of the where you HAVE to put it down to get some sleep?

It’s such a bittersweet feeling when you know you’ll have to continue something at a later date. I do happen to believe that everyone tends to leave an unfinished chapter in their lives at some point or another.

I’ve started a new venture lately, probably my most challenging to date, but oddly enough, I feel prepared for it. For this particular chapter that I’m authoring, it’s one that opens and continues roughly 10 years apart or so it seems. Of course, you never imagined what turn your life may take or how you’ll handle it mentally, but you do have to continue pushing forward. You take breaks and then you come back to it, that’s my particular process and maybe yours as well if.

In this chapter, I moved to a new location, took a new position out of my comfort zone, but I did take this opportunity. Many times, you wait for a particular opportunity to present itself and you hope that you’re ready when that door opens.

It’s something chilling and calming when you enter into unchartered territory or decide to pick that book up where you left it. You think about failure, you think about all of the possible outcomes and little about success.  It may drive you just imagining how far you’ll be set back if you fail. We all experience it, but few relish in it and move past their worries mentally.

I will say that it is a struggle, but at this point, I know that I need to push myself further. If you’re reading this, you may be in this situation as well. Don’t worry about what may happen next, keep moving forward even when you don’t see the next step. Every chapter that we write has an ending, it’s up to us to make sure we control the outcome.

… Until next time




Indepence Day

Back and forth, you think you have enough time when the clock says otherwise.

I always felt and still believe that I have enough time to do some of the many things on my list. I’ve tried different strategies to maximize my efficiency and it seems to be a constant testing process to find the right one. But here I am, making my way back to my laptop to a bit of therapy, releasing my thoughts into this domain. I can feel confident in saying that many things have changed since I last wrote, but they’re all a part of my daily learnings. The following quote that I ran into this morning has never meant more to me than now.

“Time, as it grows old, teaches all things.”

Ultimately, I’ve been in search of perfection in many things and that has kept me from publishing more frequently. I guess you can waste of a ton of time in search of perfection, but how much do you gain in the search of what most would say is unattainable?


Lessons can be found in almost any place that you look for them. These things that we learn can move you forward, they can stop you, but they will teach you. I try not to look back as much now, as I did before, though it is human nature.

On a day where we celebrate independence in America, I celebrate time. I celebrate the things that I’ve learned, as time starts to dawn on me and I am thankful for the path that I’m creating. What it lacks in a script, it surely makes up for it in learned wisdom.

Theme of the Day

… Until next time

Come Winter..

It’s winter…supposedly

At times I feel that this winter (in the US of course) is about how life has been. You prepare for one scenario mentally, but life throws you situations that you weren’t quite dressed for. You’ve experienced it; we walk outside expecting cool weather and it’s 70 degrees, seriously. We could simply check the weather ahead of time, but as with anything else, we don’t prepare in the same or best manner every single time. Though we do have expectations, albeit high at times, we are human at the end of the day. It is in our nature to attach ourselves to expectations.

As I sit here and ponder existence, I can’t help but realize again that time is fleeting and how much of a bittersweet moment the end of the year can be. The cool air blows in and you always can get that same eery and chilling feeling that you’ve lived another year of life. We review the highs and lows, the temperatures of the past year. We look optimistically to a new year of good fortune, one that we are mentally preparing ourselves for. We look back on the year we had, the good and the bad. Did we accomplish everything that we wanted to? Is next year going to be better than the one we had? The expectations we attach ourselves to can tip the scale as to what your overall opinion of the year.

It’s a time where we are are not truly in the moment.

Winter is a time where it would seem ideal to take a mental hibernation of sorts, removing yourself from the constant reflection. If you allow it, it can consume your thoughts and dictate your mood.

Winter has yet to come, but we are hopeful that we are prepared for it when it arrives. Until then,  let us live in the moment.

An Awakening..

At times I feel that we aren’t quite living every second completely.

We might live in our fantasies for minutes at a time in every single day. We may even catch ourselves just wasting away what time we have left happily walking a path we made in our minds. Maybe that was a little too blunt, but you get the drift. Many of us are in a constant search for another level of consciousness, a different perspective, an awakening of sorts.It had always felt that my mind seemed to wonder a bit too much, but I felt it was natural, a shared habit with far too many to count.

It took quite a while to change the lens that I view life through. I am truly seeing beauty in almost everything, a world full of color. It has allowed me to lighten the burdens hanging on my shoulders. You see, I seek perfection, something largely unattainable, but I yearn for it nonetheless. The experiences we have as people are all opportunities to find the positives in each situation. They are our paths to growth, though we don’t acknowledge that in the moment, it is beautiful. If there is a moment that changes the perspective in our lives, I hope that everyone finds their truths in it. Life should be experienced completely each second and the tick of every clock should be enjoyed as if that was the first stroke of color in our lives.


..Until next time

A New Journey

big_thumb_9f320753dffa88fb02cb20a22693b119I made a commitment, a commitment to myself that I would not live as I had in my previous 25 years of life. It was midway point of sorts, the very middle of my twenties and from my perspective, I hadn’t reached my the level of consistency that I had imagined.

I know.

Things do not always go as you planned them to, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t hold myself to those standards and you may do the same thing. I live mainly in my mind, allowing few to enter and that is a flaw. It is something that I promised to work on; to allow my thoughts to flow more freely outward. I may write a blog every few months, once or twice a year, though I always have thought about it. I think it’s a common struggle, procrastination or just finding a reason to not do something when you have the impulse to do it. Though I understand this, I hope that through a renewed purpose in life, I can find the consistency that I’ve wanted, but yet to strive for entirely. It’s a journey that I won’t travel alone and one that I certainly share. After all, life really has no script and I’m still writing mine on the go, but this time I’ll actually sit down and map out what I want it to look like.

…Until next time

Noah Caine: New York City’s Best Kept Secret

Coming out of Southside Jamaica, Queens, we bring to you Noah Caine, the hardworking hip-hop artist that is looking to shoulder the game and showcase yet another lyrical talent from the famed borough that has produced some of the greatest talents the game has ever seen. To name a few, we’ve seen Nas, Rakim, Mc Shan, LL, and various others represent to the fullest.

 First off let’s talk about Queens — You’ve previously said that “people sleep on Queens”… Out of all of the MCs that come from Queens, who has influenced you the most as an artist and how do you see yourself paving your OWN way in today’s music industry, especially being from NYC?

 Thanks for having me, I appreciate the interview man. A ton of MCs came out of Queens man, for real, I’m just happy to be noticed for carrying the torch so early in my career. As far as my greatest influences? I couldn’t just pick one, I’d have to definitely credit Nas and being from Southside, I have to include 50 Cent as well. Nas inspires me for his longevity in the game, founded off of his debut classic, it’s incredible to see a body of work stand the test of time for over 20 years. 50 Cent has inspired me to be about my business at all times.  Through watching the way he handles his situations, which I don’t always agree with, I’ve learned how to approach endeavors of my own. You’ve really got to learn from the successes, as well as mistakes, of your idols. With careers as long as theirs, you’re bound to learn a lot. Haha.

Noah, [the] boy who “met the world, without Mr.Feeny”. Can you elaborate on that line in terms of your life and the lessons you’ve learned? Who is Noah Caine?

 Haha, that’s from The Genesis joint off my first project. Respect to you for quoting that. Basically what that line meant is that growing up in a single parent household, I never really had the ability to get all my smarts from home. Sometimes, as young men in the inner city, the streets raise us. It teaches us certain things that you’ll never be able to pick up from the safety of your own home. Seeing people get shot, violence, being around gunfire and narrowly missing bullets myself, those are things that you just have to smarten up to and learn how to deal with or else you’re outta here. Noah Caine is a product of that and you can definitely hear those accounts in the music. On the other hand in reference to the TV show, there are no “Mr. Feenys” in the hood. There are a lot of characters, but I never really came into contact with someone like that pure-hearted, extra father figure, dude portrayed on that TV show, I guess that’s why it’s a TV show.  He doesn’t really exist.

As you gain more publicity, more people are starting to check for your music, you tend to live by and embrace the motto “steady to the top”, can you detail what brought about that motto? How are you handling the increase in supporters of your music?

 That motto, saying, mantra, -whatever you want to call it, came from a point in time where my team and I just felt lost in the whole process of making music. We were all seriously about to just quit and put our energies into other endeavors. One of my boys wanted to work for the government, another wanted to travel and see the world, I wanted to focus more on going to college. It was just like “well, this isn’t popping, let’s do something else”. We couldn’t leave it alone though, and we realized that we were being impatient because we believed in ourselves 100% and wanted people to embrace our talents instantly. As we learned the game, we realized that nothing comes that easily, so I think I just started saying “Steady to the top” in a lot of our meetings and convos when we were just kicking it and it stuck. We’re all here now, we ain’t quit and the music is getting more attention every day.


As far as the increase in fans I think it’s a gift and a curse. I get a lot of people telling me that they relate enough to understand my story, but are still curious to see where I’m going with it, that’s dope. On the flip side, I feel like if I ever quit I’d be letting a lot of people, who use my story for their own personal escape or release, down. I’ve realized that a lot of young cats have no voice, not everybody Raps or has the means to Rap, so they use the dudes who are talented as motivation and when you quit, to your fans it’s like their best homie just died. That’s a weight I gotta carry.

As mentioned, your fist mixtape “The Pre-Season” was well received and quite frankly it was a breath of fresh air to the game. How are you doing fam, mentally and physically? To date, what has been your greatest motivation to keep grinding?

 Good looking out, haha! I rarely have interviews where they ask the artist like, really, how are you doing? I’m great though man, I can’t complain just trying to get this foundation built to get some more traction in this game. I’m in a mental state of peace and positivity, there’s always negativity around but you have to try and avoid it. I recently lost a big influence in my life, my uncle, and that really messed me up. He was the one who really influenced me to start rapping at a young age, man. It was hard but I gotta keep going in memory of him. That’s my greatest motivation at the moment, to just keep creating through the hard times to get a better knowledge of who I am and how I put together my perception of life in general. It’s therapeutic. Rest in peace Big Vin.

Speaking of The Pre-Season – In “The Crown”, you say “I’ll bring it all to you and never fall back..cause opportunity knocks, but never calls back” Do you feel as though it’s your time, that opportunity is knocking? Talk about your upcoming projects and when can we expect them?

 I most definitely feel like we all got a calling. I feel that you’ll be shown your way, your path. You can’t fight it, because if you do you’ll have a harder time on this Earth going against the plan that the higher power has intended for you. That’s real. I feel like it’s just my path man, things are lining up and more people are putting me on their radar on a higher level. I’ve had some conversations with people high up in the industry who support my talents and that’s just the way it goes when there’s a path for you and you follow it with positivity and realness.


My next project out it a continuation of the last project. It’s called “Rookie Season” and it’s produced by Half Amazin’. There’s a lot of energy on this new joint and it was really, really dope to make despite all the ups and downs I’ve been going through personally. It’s dope, for real. The people are gonna fuck with it.

Let’s go ahead and speak it into existence, where you do you envision your career a year or 2, possibly even 5 years from now?

 5, 10, 15 years from now I’m going to still be telling my story as it evolves. People are still going to be able to relate to what I’m doing and I’ll definitely always be a beast on the mic…probably a couple of really nice business deals too. I got plans for a few ideas that I’d like to set into motion when the time’s right. People always talk about how great B.I.G or Pac would have been today if they hadn’t passed away and that’s always motivation for me because I want to be as great as they would’ve been if they were still alive. I guess I use their careers as a source of unlimited inspiration. That “what if” conversation is really inspiring to me as an artist. May they rest in peace.

Where can we find your previous work, upcoming releases, and contact info?

 Everything y’all need is on www.NoahCaine.com man. Go grab “The Pre-Season”. Hit me up on Twitter and come out to the next show in NYC or if I’m in your city. It’s been a pleasure man, thanks a lot for reaching out. Much respect. Steady.

Thank you to Noah Caine for the insight to your music and we look forward to much continued success from you.

Wiping the Slate Clean

Let’s think about what wiping the slate clean means.

Everyday we may encounter certain situations that just bring down our moods or take us out of character.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – Aristotle

You must be able to remove yourself from that negativity and put your mind in a state of balance. It is completely understandable to be upset or have mood changes throughout a period of time, but it cannot define who you truly are. Entertaining a thought without accepting takes patience and it takes a certain type of self-control.

Essentially, you see it, you hear it, you comprehend it, but it is not prevailing. 

We all have the ability to maintain the mental balance that is conducive to progression, we rarely ever make a conscious effort to preserve that balance.

I encourage you to wipe the slate clean daily, remove the past and enjoy the present, understand that keeping that balance is key to living a life that keeps you in a forward progression.

.. What a waste of time


You may be thinking, “must of chosen the wrong one huh?”

..but for me, that is NOT the case.

It’s that time of the season, where the phone calls become more rampant and the heat begins to rise. Many are beginning to apply pressure towards ones that mean the most to them, and for others, they’re finding out that this time of the season may not end well. It never fails though, hearing the same complaints at this time of the year.  I understand that a large amount of people want loved ones for the season, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of complacency. Make up to break up or just get together for a short time, seems to be how my generation does it. It’s truly another post in itself, which I’ll attack later. Since we are becoming increasingly geared more towards exclusive social network interaction *laugh*,  just take a small glance at your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (lol..nah I won’t go that far). The relationship statuses changes have become far too usual, and in many cases it’s just downright awkward.

As you begin to bundle up and see more couples walking a little closer, think about what defines a relationship. It’s a complicated equation that most will never get a grasp on, but for the few that do, they experience something that can’t be described.

The season isn’t an excuse to grab a short-term hookup, even though I know that may even seem fun to some. Relax and realize that true feelings aren’t induced by a season. Don’t let that person be a “waste of time,” choose wisely, it could make all the difference

Next time you walk under a mistletoe, think twice.



… Until we meet again.

– That Gentleman


Introducing vitaminTHICK, a brand set for intake

HAILING FROM BOSTON! With inspirations ranging from notorious signature sneakers to the Notorious One; cafeteria showdowns to play timedisguises; vitaminTHICK aims to bring the fun and edginess back to a streetwear industry that has become overplayed and uninspired. VitaminTHICK: Cooler gear than the other kids since bagged lunch.™

Brand Identity
vitaminTHICK is a celebration of living life to its fullest through community, culture, and dope clothing. With the street cliches of
violence, greed, and politics plaguing the urban fashion industry today, co-captains Elliott Curtis and Andrew Shedd listen to the
echos of their youth for inspiration. “Back in the day” was a glowing and carefree time when anything and everything was
possible. Without all the posturing and bad noise, childhood was a time when we had our whole lives in front of us. The vT brand
is a blending of this nostalgic mindset with a culturally informed social commentary.
Our Approach to Design + Product Development
vT’s product, like its approach to brand and design, embodies the definition of limited edition in its most earnest sense. A full
collection of vT pieces are individually numbered out of a finite denomination. This is real. No marketing gimmicks. No fine print.
Just BAM- “I have shirt 23 out of 100. Only 99 other heads are up on this piece right here.” Although the products are exclusive,
vitaminTHICK is a community of those who hold lifestyle to a higher level. This is why vitaminTHICK’s products adhere to a design
regimen that shells out for style-specific prints, eco-friendly inks, extra attention to stitch work and the little details that might
go unnoticed to some, but define the brand to Shedd and Curtis. These principles of value-added design tower over brands that
subscribe to the cost cutting and inferior quality of mass market production.

Welcome To The Squad™


And there’s those times

At times, you may feel as though the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders. Understandably so, you feel as though you are making no progress and life, it’s just conspiring against you. It’s quite the disheartening feeling, but as we come to learn in life, it has its high’s and low’s. If we were to all be completely happy, wouldn’t it just a boring everyday ritual?  We do have those who attempt to consciously smile 24/7, but sooner or later, it does get old.

Pause, allow me to recount.

I had to learn how to convert my fustrations into something meaningful, drive. It takes a lot of patience to deal with all of the unpredictable weather life throws at you. It’s funny because even the weathermen/women are wrong several times, during the year. Things can’t well, MOST things, can’t be predicted. There’s those times, where we have to vent. There’s also those times, where we MUST vent. Then, there’s those times, where things we CAN”T quit vent at all. There’s always those times where you feel as though you can’t quite get through to anyone, it’s as if you have no voice, so it’s just consistent fustration. We all have a voice, a voice to be heard and there’s always those times, where we will be heard and felt.

You can be heard and felt without a single word, but if you so happen to use words, make it short and sweet. Nobody likes listening to someone stretch out a topic forever, when they could’ve just said it THIS quick.

Count the times today that you smiled and the times that you frowned, remembering the reasons behind the two… Is this mysterious journey as bad as it seeems, or is it really just a pessimistic midnstate that you are in.

Granted, you get thrown some curveballs that make you miss the point all together, BUT there’s those times when everything is going your way and you’re just looking for a reason for it to all stop. Why would we consciously wait on something to go wrong, maybe even something as minor as a slight slip or bead of sweat dripping from one’s forehead.


If something so minor can make you upset or put a frown on your face, then logically, we should be able to smile just as easy. After all, “it takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 muscles to smile,” depending on your addition skills.

…Until we meet again

…Write your own