The Fashion Bloke’s Introduction

8:00 A.M. Corporate downtown. I’m in heaven. Some of fashion at its best, and simply put the story of my life. I’m an analyst head from to toe….The way I dress, the way she dresses, him and them too. But its more than just a materialistic thing. This isn’t about price tags and latest trends though. This is about your presentation to the world being an ELITE company and your style in attire as your portfolio for the job. Or as an artist, this is just another way to express myself whether I’m dressing up in slick collars and ties, cardigans and soft polos or dressing in hoodys and fitted caps, Raw Denim and a pair of sneakers. This is more than just rocking a hot fit. This is about confidence, personality, this is how we speak to those without words to say this is who I am and its all relevant. I Just walked into work and I have stacks of clothes on my desk and all I can do is smile because this is Fashion and I breathe this…

– The Fashion Bloke


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