What is Life Has No Script?

Introducing to the world, the newest and soon to be hottest lifestyle blogspot, Life Has No Script, where you are the artist and our blog, is your template.

Life Has No Script, complex but simple in words is just as the title says, life with no script, our allowing the viewers to express their feelings on a blank canvas, our blog that encompasses an array of topics. This blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest in dating advice, music, fashion, and life situations.

We will make sure you are in the know when it comes to relations in modern society. Too often, we hear of problems that can be easily solved with the proper direction and that is what we aim to do with our viewers, our guru can guide you to new heights. We’ll provide the successes and even the failures to see what can fixed within the female and male interactions.

Frequently, we will showcase NEW and upcoming artists,producers, and DJs to keep you well updated with trendy music from ALL genres. So, if you’re an artist/producer/DJ and you want to get your music out there to many more, feel free to contact us!

Our fashion editor is passionate in bring you the latest trends in fashion and keeping you from walking out of your house and catching disturbing looks. You’ll be very aware of the yay’s and nay’s when it comes to fashion!

The lifestyle editor is just like you, an average American dealing with the everyday stresses of life, but will be providing with you encouragement and common situations that are common today. He CAN be a little random, but that’s expect in a life with no script, strictly improvisation with a taste for just being REAL.

The team for Life Has No Script is a braintrust brought together by a common cause and that is to provide our readers with the newest talks in the numerous facets of life that drive our generation. We look forward to hearing your ideas and input on important issues that will soon be discussed. Thank You


The Life Has No Script Team


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