Music Is……..

Brooklyn, NY @ 9:55 P.M: Sup everyone! I’m 100K, the resident music mastermind. I’ve always been around music in some way shape or form. From my father blasting his old Jamaican records (and mom forcing me to listen to the choir in church) to my cousins putting me on to Raekwon’s “OB4CL” to “Reasonable Doubt” being the first album purchased with my own $, I’ve always had a passion for the musical arts. It’s more than just a multi-billion dollar industry. It is the common lifeline of every demographic on this planet. In its purest form, music resonates with your soul and fibers of being.

Having learned the ropes at major labels and having my own performance event for talented artists of ALL genres, I apply a practical approach with simple marketing concepts. That is, I think like my target demographic. In order to understand your target, you must become them mentally and provide them with “the next best thing”. People pride themselves on being ahead of the curve. A lotta people do not understand that concept and miss out on big opportunities.

Well, this should be fun *rubs hands and grins*….I look forward to contributing to LifeHasNoScript as The music mastermind.

-100K aka the Music Mastermind


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