On the Real…

Aye fam, everyday I wake up and wonder why some rappers never seem to keep it authentic, ya know? How many bum ass dudes are gonna waste their advance check on a chain this summer (only to have it stolen anyway…)? That’s why I’m me, Young Rilla-than-these-fuck-boys…. or just Rilla for short. I ain’t saying I’m the best rapper in the midwest. I’ll let Jewels take that claim…ha.. But what I can guarantee is that I’ll be giving you readers (and listeners) the REAL with every post from a perspective you can only gain from living 20 years in the belly of the beast. Somebody’s got to do it. I just so happen to be that somebody.

Just a few random REALITY CHECKS I wanna throw out there:

Serena Williams can get it.
Jasmine Sullivan is retarded. But talented. But still retarded..
Kobe > Lebron
Jesus was middle eastern.

And with that, I’m gonna fall back and chill for a sec…

Live from L.H.N.S. by way of Gangster Island

-Young Rilla


One thought on “On the Real…”

  1. Too eccentric- It’s definitely a plus to standout and be unique with what you wear but sometimes people go too far with collaborating multiple styles into one outfight.

    There is a typo you need to fix.

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