The Boy Illinois showing versatility in 2009

The Boy Illinois, the Illinois State Representative, will soon be releasing his 2nd installment from the Inhale Series, titled “ Loyalty Before the Love ” on June 22nd... It’s coming with an all new vibe, more versatility, and is going to provide the listener with an explanation as to what the young artist has been going through since he recorded Inhale Part 1. The talented MC is perfecting his craft and looking to build his fanbase with his second effort and you can expect a lot more from him this year, as he looks to provide the game with more fresh talent in Hip Hop in new collaborations and features.

LifeHasNoScript got a chance to catch up with The Boy Illinois to discuss his upcoming mixtape Inhale Part 2 – Loyalty Before the Love and see what he has in-store for the future. He shares the inspiration, thought process, and his current situation, as he prepares himself to lay verses on an mixtape with feel of an album once more.

View Video Interview

For Inhale Part 1 Mixtape Download – Click Here

I’m Illy Download(For Promotional Use Only) – Click Here

You can catch more of his music at or where he will be exclusively releasing all of his upcoming material.

– That Gentleman – Life Has No Script, You Have The Opportunity to write your own.


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