The Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

So for my first piece I’ll keep it simple.Over the past few days I surveyed a number of people of some Do’s and Dont’s of the Fashion world. Now some of these may be obvious, or a couple you may not agree on. Either way ,it’s here to bring up discussion because honestly,  everybody has their own style and perspective on what’s hot or not..So let’s get into this and see where we nod in agreement or bump heads….


Too eccentricIt’s definitely a plus to standout and be unique with what you wear, but sometimes people go too far with collaborating multiple styles into one outfit.  Even if you step out of your boundaries a bit, every outfit still needs some type of organization and coordination.

Excessive Coordination/ Overdosing on High end designer print clothing– Sometimes I just shake my head when I see some young kid walking past me and he’s covered in Gucci Print from head to toe.  Rocking too much of the same color is also a bad look. Yeah, sure you’re matching. but damn that’s just too noticeable and every outfit needs BALANCE.

Too many sizes too big clothesTall Tees and you weighing 150 pounds wearing a size 40 jean isn’t what’s up fellas. For women who buy and wear clothes that don’t even fit them, that isn’t quite what’s up  either. Stop trying to squeeze into something that’s not made for your body type or wearing outfits that completely swallow your frame entirely…Your body is a canvas,  learn how to show it off well.

Leopard printI don’t know if this trend has became hot all of the sudden, or I just haven’t noticed it much, but too many people particularly in Spring and Summer are caught rocking Leopard print pants, skinny jeans and skirts..This was a trend that never should have started and needs to end quickly.

Whale TailsLadies pull your pants up. There is nothing worse or more unattractive than catching a girl with plumber’s ass and knowing the color of her thong without her  even pulling her pants down.

Spandex Denim without the back pockets Whoever came up with this concept should be slapped. In no way has it ever benefited a woman’s shape no matter how much back she has.  Simply put, it’s just ugly.  I can’t even breathe when I think about women in these.

Crocs This has always been a pet peeve of mine personally, so this may come off as a personal don’t,  rather than an obvious one.  The only the place I see Crocs being reasonable to wear are inside the comforts of your own home, employees at hospitals, gardeners, your grandmothers’ and quick runs to the grocery store. This is a style I believe should never be worn elsewhere. From what I can see,  they ARE extremely comfortable though.  Crocs and Clogs may be the worst design shoe known to man.

Dude’s and Skinny JeansPersonally, I know this could go both ways for people, but I think extremely tight clothes should be only made for women to wear. I mean the whole point of women wearing tight clothes is to show off a great figure…so what exactly is the intention of a dude doing it? Fool, nobody wants to see a man’s figure (pause), but I also heard it’s quite unhealthy too. Parts of your body need to breathe man.


Dress according to weather/season – Warm Jackets and Sweaters in the Winter and Fall . Shorts and short sleeves in summer and Spring.  Try and stick to the fashions of a particular season. I usually don’t like to mix (e.g. Big coats and shorts), but it’s always about dressing accordingly.  Don’t buy a nice outfit that’s made for a different season and force yourself to wear it in unbearable climates.

Fitting clothesLadies know how to purchase attire that fits your shape well. There isnt one shape that defines all above the rest. Like I stated above, know your body and its curves and use them properly. My dudes, you don’t have to dress like an 8 year old all the time.  Nothing’s wrong with wearing some jeans that fit right and stay within your size range. Polo shirts that don’t reach your knees and collared shirts that fit isnt a bad look ya’ll.

Keep it CasualNice T-shirt and Jeans, low key colors, and and simple designs will never fail you in life.  I learned over time. by my own examples of learning fashion, that the cliché of “Addition by subtraction” works.  Some people misinterpret the saying of dressing down by having a sense that you have to dress like crap and dressing up means putting on your best designer clothes with standout graphics designs and prints is how you show off yourself. But instead you just look like a huge advertisement board. Particularly for women, I’ve always been attracted to a girl who knew who to put a simple outfit together without doing too much and keeping it casual. Everyday doesnt have to be a colorful fashion show. Relax and put some comfortable stylish wear on

Be Unique – Its ok to be trendy and follow what’s hot. You dont always have to go against the grain and be rebellious..As a matter of fact thats a perfect way to be unique, taking  current trends and throwing in your rebellious flare to your style. You can use how you dress as a way to show off your personality and a representation of your character. so you dont have to be a droid and get whatever everybody else does. Be you, simple as that.

Feel free to add your own opinions, What you agree or disagree on and your own personal list’s as well. PEACE.

-The Fashion Bloke


4 thoughts on “The Fashion Do’s and Dont’s”

  1. Too eccentric- It’s definitely a plus to standout and be unique with what you wear but sometimes people go too far with collaborating multiple styles into one outfight.

    There is a typo you need to fix.

  2. Yeah. I agree with what you mean. i seen some cat wearing all highlighter pink and i was like wow.
    and yeah there is a typo.

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