Album Review: "The Last Kiss"

Album review: The Last Kiss“, the long awaited Jadakiss debut under Rocafella and Def Jam Records, will be in stores by the time you read this. I got a chance to get my hands on the album (thanks _________) so here’s the review!!

The Jadakiss fan in me has been awaiting this album for a while. I’m used to the slick talk and the signature “Ahhaaaaaaaaaa” cackle and he demonstrates that starting the album off well on “Pain and Torture“. The triumphant “Can’t Stop Me” sets vintage Jada lyrics to Neo Da Matrix production quite well (it took a few spins to grow on me). Labelmate Young Jeezy TEARS it up on “Somethin’ Else” but Jada still has it with lines like “I’m beyond these feeble mind rappers that half step/I done carved the way for these niggas like Aztecs”. “Rockin’ with The Best” sounds like a mediocre attempt at a club single, while “Stress Ya” has the inverse effect (Both feature Neptunes production and Pharrell on the hook). Kiss makes up for it with the stellar “Things I’ve Been Through“, which is the highlight of the album. Avery Storm sounds a bit awkward on “I Tried” but the song ulitmately delivers. Songstress Jasmine Sullivan is featured on “Smoking Gun“, a tale of lost innocence. A “Cartel Gathering” connects Jadakiss in an effective NY cypher featuring Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. “By My Side” featuring Ne-Yo is underwhelming and pales in attempts to Jadakiss’ past attempts at making singles to appeal to the female demographic. “Letter to B.I.G.” featuring Faith Evans attempts to update the Notorious B.I.G. on the climate of the industry in the form of a letter. Lil’ Wayne completely steals the show on the sinister “Deathwish

Overall: Out of a 10, I’d give it about a 6.5-7/10. “The Last Kiss” is an alright album. Considering that he’s self proclaimed “top 5 dead or alive”, I’d consider that to be an issue with die hard fans. I also feel that ‘Kiss is a guest on his own album with the overabundance of features taking the shine from him. The album really shines at its high points and dulls at its lowest points. “Things I’ve Been Through” is in the vein of “Feel Me” and “Still Feel Me” and refreshes the album throughout its midway point. I was looking forward to a Jay-z feature. As Kiss says “Long as I know i’m nice/fuck it, I’m my own fan”. This album is probably his second best behind “Kiss The Game Goodbye“.

Positives: “Cant Stop Me”, “What If”,”Somethin’ Else”, “Things I’ve Been Through”, “I Tried”, “Cartel Gathering”, “Deathwish”, ”
Negatives: “Grind Hard”, “Who’s Real”, Rockin’ With The Best”,”By My Side”



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