Which came first?

F good, What’s greater my readers? As one or two of ya’ll know, I’m sitting here waiting on this egg to crack so to speak. I’m a pessimist by nature. I never put all of my eggs in one basket because I’ve never seen a basket made out of Charmin and marshmallows. They all seem to be made out of cast iron, which ain’t that good for egg shells.

Enough symbolism.

I have a major distribution deal on the table for my record label. It could be a big break. It could be a set-up for disappointment. With that said, It’s time for a REALITY CHECK.

So what’s worse, a hater or a groupie? I really don’t know anymore. I decided to tell my internet family about my recent development. I wasn’t thrown off by the rapid influx of congrats and support, or the abundance of
,NT’s always shown love to me anyway; ever since I was 16 rapping “keystyles” with Kneesh from Chicago. But I was rather shocked to see how many people had only saltine things to say. I don’t know why it surprised me, after all, I am a pessimist as I said. What I want to ask my readers is this: Given the opportunity, is it more natural to support a complete stranger out of the “goodness of man”, or is it more natural to be in competition with a complete stranger seeing as we’re all under the same sun, sharing the same limited resources?

What wins out, natural or civilized behavior? We gotta get better as a people, people.

I’m not mad at my haters. Somebody has to hate and it’s not gonna be me. It might as well be you. I’d rather be the somebody winning the lotto. But that very basic instinct, that jealousy, is archaic and unnecessary. Whereas it might have given you the edge in surviving 1500 year ago, in this day and age it’s not like we’re competing to survive. Well, not in the sense that you would be affected by another man’s success in music. If I’m eating off rap, there’s more than enough food for you to fix a plate from whatever you’re good at. I’m not stepping on anybody’s opportunities, that ain’t real. That ain’t Rilla. I’m just embracing my own. It’s far too many crabs in this barrel today. Once you start climbing out of it, you’ll see for yourself

Live from LHNS, by way of Gangster Island,
Young Rilla


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