Where does the script stop?

They do say,”everything happens for a reason”, right? That just depends if you believe in “free will”, but we do have logic for reason.

As I sit and look out the window, i can see a plane flying through the distant blue skies and it makes me wonder. The plane knows where it’s going right? Shouldn’t I know where MY plane is going? If you travel, you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Some may even just take off spontaneously, but in the back of their mind they have a destination. Where does my destination take me? There is one thing that speaks to me more than anything and through it, I never lose sight of the end.

Often, I am searching for any piece of insight that can help me find where I truly want to be, not mentally, but spiritually. Music touches my soul and I never feel lost within it, but its not my current track. The track that I walk on is not filled with harmony, musical notes, and great composers. I am the composer, not yet great, but I am missing one piece of me, my motivation. I carry great visions of success and pictures for my future, as it only began not too long ago, or what seemed like not too long ago. If my life were a song, I envisioned it in winning a Grammy for “Song of a Lifetime”. Drake said he was “24hours from greatness,”so I guess that makes me 2:04 from my dreams. My song doesn’t repeat, it plays only once and in that short time I must make the most of it. There is no intro, no drumbreaks, just solid playing from a piano, the instrument of my mind…cascading up and down to symbolize my trials and tribulations. It slows at times, but catches speed again when my ambitions are clear and my mind is focused. My mistakes can be easily overpowered by my successes in this song, hoping that to others, it’s a song to remember. When its over, I want to say I touched someone’s life with my song and not just mine. The script to that song is etched in my soul and I must continue reading it until the days that I can no longer read any further, leaving a song that in my heart, is unfinished…but to others and the ONE above, it’s complete. Write your script, learning from your mistakes to make amends for them later down the line.

Until We Meet Again

That Gentleman


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