From Lack of Communication…to Too Much

Well hello again!

In my first blog about dating and relationships, I discussed how in most scenarios of today, couples do not speak enough. I’m sure its either happened to you in a relationship or it will eventually, but there is a contrast to that “lack of communication”. You CAN have too much communication in a relationship and it could bore the hell out of you and/or your partner.

Real talk, these days people got all these social networking profiles,phones, PDAs, and it just makes people that much more accessible. You see girls and guys in a relationship who actually talk to each other too much. Understand that when I say that, that I do place a high emphasis on speaking with one another because you never know when you could lose that one person, but you could also say too much to them. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you literally have nothing to say to each other when you’re in each other’s presence because you texted them all day, do you? Your significant other has your twitter/myspace/facebook/skype/etc etc and you always seem to know what each other is doing, but you feel the need to talk 24/7?
I’ve been there personally and it’s not fun at all, awkward silences suck BIG time. For a relationship to succeed you have to maintain that balance of talking too much and too little, which is not hard to do, you just have to be consistent with it. Have you ever had those days where it felt like you had a cloud over your head and thought about calling or talking to your significant other for just a second to cheer yourself up? Well, think about applying it to your relationship. The opposite end of that is that you could have been talking to that significant other all day and they really didn’t help that much, possibly adding onto the stress or not being of any help at all.

Had you maintained that balance then you’d feel that much better talking to them at that *low point* so they can uplift your spirits right(unless you’re just some big pessimistic individual lol)? You’d look forward to talking to them instead of dodging their texts/calls because we all know someone that dodges calls from their boyfriend or girlfriend haha. You’ll hear people talking about “she won’t leave me alone” or “he’s always calling me!”, funny right? Why are they saying that? It could be in large due to the fact that you may talk TOO much. Like seriously, why are you going to text ALL day and expect to have a full on conversation when you meet up? Okay, there are those exceptional instances where you’re maybe traveling and assuring safety, but you really want to make those words stand out to each other. I mean let’s be serious, you can’t REALLY run out of things to say each other, but you can make your conversations that much more dull by speaking too often about nothing.. Do I seriously need to know what you’re doing in the next 5seconds or tell you what time I’m going to be leaving the restroom? People, let’s just try to maintain that balance and keep those words that you do speak to each other, special.

Personally, I place more emphasis on words rather than physical presence because of that, making words THAT much more impacting to me, but that’s another rant that I’ll dive into at the next appointed time. 😉

Until we meet again

— That Gentleman


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