Ex’s, kryptonite to a new relationship (part 1)

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Well I guess I’ll just let out a little rant about a topic that hits home,it’s going to be more random than anything, trust me

Anybody that has ever went through a breakup can probably get the drift on what I’m about to speak on. Ugh “ex’s” =/ Love em, Hate em, they still were in your life at SOME point in time.

Well, I’ve been through some rough breakups and all that good/bad stuff, but I always got love for my “ex’s”. They’ve helped me grow and mature mentally, something that is NOT guranteed to be a result from everyone you come in contact with. So, you may have had an ex that meant a lot too you and they could have done you wrong right, but didn’t you learn from it? Didn’t you look back on it and see your faults, even if in large, they weren’t yours? You could have been the guilty party in the relationship and you may have knocked over the house of cards. BAM! It all comes crashing down.. Life is SUPPOSED to have its learning experiences, but it seems as though people tend to think that every relationship they’re in, is suppose to work. Allow me to introduce reality into this topic..every relationship WON’T work. Hey, you could be one of those “lucky” people and just have that one magical relationship, but for the rest of us “non-magical” people, the shit hits the fan every now and then. Sometimes we can prevent it, sometimes we can’t, but it happens to the best of us. That’s why you see so many breakup songs, movies, video blogs and people are just crying all over it.

They say the best teacher is experience right? Well why can’t you learn from an ex? Even if you hate them, they still added a little bit more common sense into your mind. You might even still be cool with them and they could be a great friend, but in most situations, that isn’t the case. Break ups can be quite the monster, can’t they? Haha, it’s ridiculous how nasty they can get (pause). People’s hearts get ripped out of their chests for a brief period in time, only to find out that they had been wasting their time. Then, you have to deal with the nasty breakup spilling over into your new relationship, which is NEVER good. Your new girl/new guy, does not want to hear you whining about your ex, they’ll think you’re going to be putting them in comparison. It’s good to speak on the breakups and ex’s, but not good to dwell on them. When you allow yourself to do that, you’re allowing that bad experience veil your future with the new person, whether you like it or not. Maybe you’re wondering if your ex is “alright” or if they found someone “better” than you, but the key once again, is LEARNING.

Ex’s can torment people’s minds pretty bad and only time can heal the heart. It could make you zone out to Al Green for a couple of hours and shed quite a few tears, letting tissue become your bestfriend for a period haha. Yes, it happens to dudes too…Dude’s dwell on it more than you would think, even the egotistical ones. Trust me, I’ve seen first hand what a breakup can do to a guy or girl and it’s never good on either side, despite what common perceptions would say. Take some time out of your life today and think about an “ex”, even if it makes you shutter, and figure out what they helped you learn about yourself or life in general. For now, we can just say that the ex was some little sidenote that you had tried to whiteout, but the bottle went empty when you got halfway across the name.. “Alici– cot damn I’m out of white out!” Lol, grow from that experience, use those mistakes to grant your mind the opportunity to avoid them in the future. As I continue to write more parts to this series increases, the deeper I’ll get. Break out the tissues, you might just need them haha =/

“Everything she’d do, take a toll on my brain”

..Until we meet again

– That Gentleman


3 thoughts on “Ex’s, kryptonite to a new relationship (part 1)”

  1. I don’t understand females, either, Mr. Ealy. You tell them you care about them and want to be with them and remains loyal to them, and they crush your heart to pieces. Then when you become distant they act like you never had any reason to be that way.

  2. It’s really quite simple in understanding them and it all starts with a communication, backtrack to my “Lack Of Communication” blog and you’ll get a better vibe.

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