Hollywood Floss – An Introduction To HIS Music!

Coming to you from Houston,Texas is a rapper,producer,and promoter, Hollywood FLOSS, looking to continue making headlines in the music industry. Starting in the year 2006. FLOSS has worked his way up from grassroots efforts, constantly creating his music to make way into people’s speakers. Allow LifeHasNoScript to give you a better look into the artist, Hollywood FLOSS, as we find out a little bit more about him and where his mind is.

So what is your official stagename and why’d you choose it?

My official stage name is Hollywood FLOSS, but most call me either Hollywood or Floss… I didnt choose it, the Floss part was actually given to me! It used to be Flossy B as a nickname around the hood, but i dropped it and went for just FLOSS when i started to take rap seriously… Hollywood is what I added to help you remember me, as much as the music should speak for yourself, this is a business and you have to leave an impression.

How did your favorite artists influence your music

You know what thats a good question… My favorite artist are spread out across all different genres, I’m talking Prince to Andre3k to Squarepusher to Maroon 5, so that opened my eyes to accept different types of music and help me create music thats more open and honest… I feel i will try and take risk with my music, whereas most new musicians are afraid of what others think, and have a hard time finding themselves as an artist.

How long have you been involved in music as an artist?

As an artist I’ve been around since 2006… I use that as the year where I started to take rap/producing seriously and making a name for myself.

You’re gaining fans with the more material you drop, how do you plan to achieve a mass fanbase?

If you truly listen to my music and give new artist like myself a chance, there’s NO way, you wont like something i do point blank! Thats not being cocky, thats being truthful. The mass fanbase comes from people knowing about you, so I plan on building a brand where you see my name and you expect good music, to relate to the music or something different… I’m a true believer in word of mouth, so as long as i’m doing my part and spreading my music, the fans will come.

What’s your inspiration behind the music you make and what mindset do you go in to make it?

My biggest inspiration to making music is striving to get better and eventually be amongst the greats… In the past I’ve seen people say i just want to get by, NEGATIVE! I want to be remembered and the cause of arguments LOL… My mindset when making music is 1) are you being yourself 2) is it different, does it standout? 3) Is it enjoyable, will it stand the test of time!

Has the area you were raised in played a part in the your creativity

Houston is really diverse for those who watch tv and just think its cowboys or grills… So i’d definitely say 110% Yes the diversity of the city has played a part in my music… Ask my family and friends and they will tell you I’m all about seeing different life and being apart of not so similar cultures… My music represents my honest thoughts and the life i’m trying to get to.

What do you think about the state of the music industry currently?

I cant lie, the game is bittersweet… On one end you have messed up sales and ridiculous music being put out for political reasons, but then you have the good side of the game where you can actually make a name for yourself without leaving the house…I mean its beautiful to be able to test the waters with your material and have access to your primary fans, so your not wasting anyones time. If anything i will say the game has the potential to be more balanced, where in the past your career really wasnt up to you, Artists can actually be themselves and run their career if they decide to. Its interesting!

How would you describe the style of your music?

Man sometimes i dont know what i be doing… i wouldnt call myself a rapper, rapping is just the most frequent form of expression i use! … I’m all over the place avant garde – soul – hiphop – rock – electronica… I really need to coin a genre for myself… It’s always switching up.

If you could choose one artist to collab with on a track, who would it be and why?

Def. gotta go with Andre3k! … He’s one person in music who has know limits, and i pride myself with not having any limits to what i can do, so i would love to see his process and what goes into making the thought provoking music he does…Also got to ask him is Erykah Badu stuff that good!

What is your favorite hip hop quotable, if you had to choose one?

Wow! so many of them… and i’m a random dude, but one of my favorites is from Can I Live…

“Lock my body can’t trap my mind, easily

explain why we adapt to crime

I’d rather die enormous than live dormant that’s how we on it

Live at the main event, I bet a trip to Maui on it”

He pretty much summed up a young black man’s mind right there

What is your most favorite track that you’ve done up-to-date?

Favorite track to date – either “She A Dime” or “Before You Judge”… I use to think it was cliche for rappers to say this, but every new track is your favorite…I’m telling yall this recording songs is CRACK, its the new CRACK

What is your most favorite track that you’ve done up-to-date?

I have an early hits projects coming soon for those who need to catch up and learn about me, New album coming late summer/early fall “House of Dreams” and group projects from E Pluribus Unum – rap/rock group and T.H.E.M. – the houston elite Mc’s compilation…So the calender’s full, hopefully the fans support

DOWNLOAD: ART or Fi$cal Intelligience – Hollywood Floss

I just want to thank blogs and magazines like yourself, for giving the underdogs and new artist a slight chance to even the playing field out! It really means alot

You can find more from Hollywood FLOSS at :





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