The Status Quo….Dare to Be Different!

Hey… Its me, Mr. Real Life. I have been thinking a lot this past week about a lot of things going on in society nowadays. One thing that has been on my mind is people and how we as people go about doing things on our day-to-day functions. Part of how we as a society tend to function is to be in line with the status quo, or keeping things the way they are because that seems to be the right thing to do instead of functioning differently. I have to say that the status quo is not always a good thing and it is really painful to see many of us stick to that as a crutch in society. So why not dare to be different? Is it because maybe you are afraid of what others might think of you? Or are you a follower? Just think about this whole ideological sense of going with the flow. Politically, it seems like the right thing to do but we all know where that has gotten us as far as our federal government. For those who watch the news and keep up with politics, then it would be well apparent that the status quo is viral and rampant. Being afraid of change is a natural reaction among many people and that is ok. It takes time to get used to change because of the fact that you have done the same thing over and over again. We all have our own minds and yes our opinions and thoughts are often influenced by the environmental, family, and other elements. But remind yourself that you can be different and not just think the way others think, do what others do, say what others say. In the end, you are seen as a leader than a follower. That is how we fight this growing epidemic known as the status quo. Being politically correct is the default of complex thinking and in expressing one’s self. Believe it or not but I believe that being in line with the status quo is a threat to society because often people get caught up into the same ordeals and not utilizing their own freedom to think independently. The mind has to be expansive and be willing to think outside the box. The mind is like a sponge and it absorbs a lot of information only if you allow it. So my challenge to everyone is to challenge one another and be self reliant and an independent thinker. Remember that your voice is only as strong as your mind So Dare to be different.

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Spoken…… Mr. RealLife


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