Why Do Guys Have “Options” ..

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Hmm, been a way for a couple of days, sorry for the wait, we all know how things just pop up (no pun intended) lol. Well, today I’m going to be discussing a very touchy subject, but its very relevant and it could probably give people some insight.

Why guys tend to have so many “options”..yea I know, seems easy to figure out, but you’d be very suprised.

Us guys really are not that hard to understand and most are more sensitive than you would believe. We often keep many “options” when it comes to girls and relationships. You may say “oh, he’s scared of commitment” or “he just wants to have a taste of everything” , but yeah we hear you all talking about us lol.  A large majority of those guys would generally prefer having just one lady, but it get’s quite tricky.  Sometimes being scared of commitment has nothing to do with it, they might just be afraid of the power that women hold. Getting that taste of everything can be quite the task, but there’s too many ladies in the world for that and that’s only asking for trouble.

See, you got your main ladies and your side ladies…and you ask “why does he have to have more than one?”
Well, what happened was, girls have flipped the script on guys, leading us to “step our game up”.  They have really taken hold to the idea that they too can play the game, more than they ever have. Girls of today’s society make it SO easy on guys, in a sense, that it’s really tough to stick it out with one if she’s playing the game as good, if not better than the guy.  When did it become so acceptable to give up the goods, not saying that you shouldn’t at all, but when you could just wink at a lady and get some, it’s gotten quite bad lol.  I mean yeah, you want to play the game too without being called a hoe right? Well look, if you’re going to act like a hoe, then a guy is going to certainly treat you like one, that’s just being real about it. A guy’s main girl could be everything he wants in a wife and his sidechick could be everything he wants in entertainment, get my drift? Sooner or later his mind will settle down and look for “wifey” type, but for now, he’s content in balancing the two until time comes to settle down… Allow me to point this out though, the key denominator in the main girl/side girl situation is what? –> Sex.. Now look back at my statement in regards to girls giving it up.  😉

You must understand that guys LOVE a challenge, not to the point where it seems insurmountable, but to a point where its attainable after some effort. As I stated just a second ago, it isn’t much of a challenge to us anymore so the bigger challenge has become managing more than one girl. Terrible I know, but a lot of the reasoning behind it is based on the girl’s actions. You may have a girl on your roster that gives it up and one that doesn’t, I can gurantee that the one who isn’t giving it up might just be the girl who gets the guy. Different girls offer different things.  I’ll just let one of my favorite hip-hop artists Drake say it for me:

Cause It’s A Fact, If She Come To The Crib And I Get Some Ass Inside
We’ll Never Talk Again, Scary And True


Simply put, when one falls through, you have another..leading back to what I said about a guy always wanting to have a lady. Yes, that could mean that we don’t have much confidence in our current relations, but that depends on your trust level from the beginning. Some guys have been burned by females, others just don’t trust them period, but it happens with females as well.

Guys try to look as masculine as possible to most, but if you are a guy, you know the deal. Several out there just love to hold the attention of females and never want to be without it, which is understandable because having a female’s attention is a great thing too! (yea that was an exclamation point haha)

If you want to be that ONLY one, you gotta prove yourself to be “only one” worthy because as I said, a lot of us don’t really trust women just for simple reasons. We tend to not show our hearts and sensitivity because we are indeed afraid to have it broken, leading us to cry our eyes out while watching ESPN highlights.

Don’t assume that just because a guy has a ton of female friends, that he’s automatically a player, he just may prefer the presence of women more-so than others. If he says he is one that keeps options, he just may want to have the opportunity to find one who he can trust and give his heart to.  It’s a double-edged sword, girls want to be the only one and so do us guys, but nobody is willing to budge because they’re scared of being burned. Once again, COMMUNICATION is a huge key to solving this puzzle. Being able to establish and understand what you want from each other will negate having to argue about it later.

Just remember that not every guy who says, “he has a roster,”  has negative intentions. He may be trying to figure out the right player to fit his system and take him to that championship.

Make it a challenge ladies, don’t be easy, but in saying that, don’t take all hope from us..  Until we meet again

-That Gentleman


One thought on “Why Do Guys Have “Options” ..”

  1. I agree with you here. I don’t even trip over females anymore; their affections or lack thereof are no longer a priority to me. Most are insincere and don’t know what they truly want, so when they do finally get it, they do not know how to act. Either that, or they are just simply immature.

    It’s like giving someone who’s lived in the ‘hood their entire lives a million dollars. They literally wouldn’t know what to do with themself.

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