The NBA Playoffs, Where Amazing DOES happen…

So the playoffs are underway and we’re starting to separate the pretenders from the contenders. Several superstars, but only one has what it takes to propel his TEAM to a NBA Championship. This is the one of those times of the year where you have to choose between watching the game,doing homework, improving your relationship,  or working. I hope you make the right choice in multitasking haha.

What we have learned so far in this year’s playoffs:

– Detroit is done. Time to rebuild

– Philadelphia choked against a Howard-less Magic.

– Utah is a good team, but they’re not ready.

– The Bulls are for real, series against Boston has been one of thee best in recent memory.

– San Antonio needs to retire their entire team ASAP.

– Portland WILL be a problem in the future.

– Tracy McGrady is STILL a first round virgin.

– Don’t sleep on Denver

Cleveland is setting up that throne.

One team, one goal, one championship.

That team is writing history before our eyes and superstars are being born, this is what the NBA playoffs are all about.

life has no script, write your own.


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