It’s Fight Night!

The Battle of EAST vs WEST

[ Phillipines vs UK  ]

It’s definitely not Ali vs Frazier or Tyson vs Holyfield, but this fight right here, is certainly a marquee matchup and thee fight to see in 2009.

Pacquaio just handed Oscar, The Golden Boy, De La Hoya retirement papers in his last fight.

Who wants to put a W on their script instead of getting knocked out?

Let’s see if The Hitman, as the under dog, can beat the marked pound-for-pound BEST fighter in the world.

Break out your popcorn and Let’s get ready to RUMBLE !

..and if you like basketball, Game 7 of the Celtics vs Bulls series is on too. 😉

Update: WINNER- Manny Pacquiao

Manny PacMan Pacquiao destroyed the so-called, Hitman, in the 2nd round by TKO. I’ve had quickies longer than that. SMH

Best 1st Round Playoffs Series Ever Winner: Boston

The Celtics took game 7 in a hard fought game,but congrats to D.Rose and the young Bulls on their competitive season.


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