Music Single Spotlight


So Cassie Ventura, this lovely young lady who’s signed to Bad Boy Records, had the internet going crazy last night, literally.  Personally, I was scrambling around just like everyone else for the pictures too, yes I was on beastmode, but it was for a good reason…well I thought it was for a good reason lol.

Once again, I was reminded that celebrities are indeed nothing more out of the ordinary than a regular ass person.


We’re not dropping any ONES, but we do have some pretty ill singles from some talented artists to introduce to you.

Download “License to Kill” – G.o.D Jewels

Download “The Instant Message” – G.o.D Jewels

Download “Ova” – G.o.D Jewels

Find more from G.o.D Jewels:

Interview with LifeHasNoScript

G.o.D Jewels MySpace

G.o.D Jewels Twitter

Download “Yup, I’m A Beast” – IAmBase

Find more from I Am Base:

IAmBase on MySpace
IamBase on Twitter


On tv tonight: NBA Playoffs tune in — Are you a witness?

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks – Game 2

Congrats to Lebron James on winning the league MVP, well deserved.


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