Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I got a chance to sneak up to Arkansas (my home state), catch up with my mother and family. We are to never forget the reason for the meeting occasion, but we must embrace the opportunity that we have to gather, due to that reason.

The soldiers who have put their life on the line and continue to risk their lives in order for us to have our freedoms. Coming from a military family, Memorial Day always stood out to me and for that, I salute those troops. To those who have passed in the line of duty and to the troops are continuing to fall, may God rest their soul and bless their families.

The time that I got to spend with my family, allowed me to gain a positive perspective on my recent troubles that I’ve had lately and also, it brought me back to the place that made and gave me some inspiration.

Once again, I would like to thank our troops, as I one day look to be commissioned, and thank my family for giving me the vital support that I needed to have a great upbringing.

Tonight on TV- Game 4 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic

The Cleveland Cavaliers to keep pace with the Orlando Magic, as they continue to give them matchup problems.

Can Cleveland prevent Orlando from pushing the game to 3-1 and 1 game from elimination?

Let the script be written.


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