Life’s a blur..

Wow, I haven’t gotten the chance to write in quite a while so I have a lot to say.

Take a look at this picture. – Everything around him is in motion, but he’s at a standstill. You ever feel like that before? Life’s just hustling and bustling around you, but you’re not moving. Have you ever had a relationship where it felt like you were just going through the motions and didn’t realize anything till after it ended?

It’s amazing how we can go through so much on a day to day basis and not even be aware of it.


First and foremost, I’d like to say that life is not guranteed and any day could be your last, so cherish every moment that you live and write a script that’s worth writing.


Now that I got that off of my chest, today I would like to briefly rant about a couple of situations that I have personally been through to give you a better perspective on how I view things.


I have been through my fair share of relationships and have always tried to conduct myself in a mature manner and be the gentleman my mom raised me to be, but every situation doesn’t permit that persona to be displayed. I used to be a guy that wanted to have as many options as possible, I still am to a certain extent, but allow me to explain it further.


In any relationship, we come to understand that there will ALWAYS be something that your partner does or a trait that they may have, which you will not agree with or like. I would like to call myself a very open minded and accepting person, so I allow things to slide by that I may or may not like because I understand that we as people, are individuals. I find that a lot of people are attracted to those who their initial instincts say that they shouldn’t date. Is it the chase or the prospect of changing them that draws more attention? – It will be discussed at a later time.


My last major relationship ended on a sour note, due to the lack of communication and the constant presence of my partner, therefore being around each other too much and not learning enough about ourselves in separate. I will discuss the idea of being around each too much in my next blog, but trust me, it can DEFINITELY be a bad thing.  For a time period, I was completely turned off relationships due to the pessimistic feeling after having a rough breakup.

Relationships allow you to learn more about yourself than most situations do, so I can honestly say that I have learned from my mistakes and have done wrong. I allowed myself to become so absorbed into a relationship that I changed as a person. I learned that I do put a lot of emotion into relationships, which is a good thing, but it can be the straw that broke the camel’s back too. A lot of the times, we like to set double standards subconsciously and won’t realize it till after the relationship has ended. A key part of succeeding in a relationship is realizing your actions as they happen, which in today’s relationships, I find that this aspect is seriously lacking.


Sincerely, there is too many excuses being thrown around along the lines of, “I should’ve realized what I was doing, when I was doing”. I know you have either experienced this first hand or have heard of this happening and just shook your head.  Pitiful, right? How many chances are people expecting to get in life? Third time’s the charm?!


People do not want to take responsibilities for their actions or words anymore and are so absorbed in being like everyone else that they are less inept to recognize their own faults or relationship’s faults.


The phrase “you never know what you have, until it’s gone” is so fitting for our generation and the basic problems that we seem to encounter in our lives and relationships.


Once again, I’ll be discussing in length the idea of being around your boyfriend or girlfriend next, so check it out.


…Until we meet again


– That Gentleman


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