Another rant? Touche

Bad guys or good guys?


Being around them too much


Seems as though that as soon as you get out of high school, life just flies by. They never said it’d be fair, but damn, can we at least go the speed limit?

You know how every damn city to itty bitty community in America has a speed limit or an unspoken one, but what is life’s speed limit? Think about it once again, life TRULY has no script. They don’t hand you one when you’re born or when you become of age, you must create your own, but God DOES look at your script when it’s over right? Just a little food for thought, to be elaborated on at another time.

Isn’t it so mind-boggling how some see success at a younger age and others at an older age? We take a look at those few who did receive success earlier in life, then we take a glance at the economy, and its like how does one achieve success at a time like this?! It’s hard to be optimistic at a time like this when you could actually graduate with a college degree, and still not be able to find employment. After seeing the shambles that is our less than opportunistic economy, you have to think about the effect it could have on relationships and the pursuit of relationships. Many at this point in life, are possibly strugging to stay above water and want someone who they can depend on to keep their spirits up. I mean you really can’t blame anyone for wanting to find someone who has a plan to become financially stable, but at the samme time, you must make sure that person in genuine and the mutual wants for your own and their success.

I do understand that it is indeed tough, realizing that everyday there is an increase of relationships started, which aren’t legit. What I mean by not being legit, is that that they wre started for all the wrong reasons and are not functioning as a true relationship should. Personally, I would want someone who is ambitious and goal oriented as well, but I do want someone who I know will be there for me at the lowest points and highest points in my life. The best act of kindness or support many of us could do for one another, is not something that is readily seen as, “oh I should just do this”. It just so happens to be a small act known as, encouragement. It’s extremely tough right? Haha! The friends and family that we have can give you some of the most inspiring words of encouragement, look to them for guidance because often, it’s easier for us to listen to others than take our own advice. People who view things from an outside perspective, more than likely can tell you more about yourself than you could. With your relationships and relationship pursuits, remember that in times like these, we must continue to have that patience and realize that “good things comme to those who wait”.

The smallest act of kinddness could make a person’s day that much better and I can definitely attest. I might hear someone tell me, “you can do it, I know it,” and I might be energized off of that for a good while. For those special to you, the phrase “I love you” can more than do the trick and it couldd make you feel better. One thing that we must always remember is that tomomrrow is never promised and I couldd never stress it enough, so I hope to have left you with some good and positive thoughts. 😉


…Until we meet again

– That Gentleman



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