Breaking News: Glory or Death – G.o.D Jewels is Here!

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The much anticipated Glory or Death mixtape by the Chicago Bully, G.o.D Jewels, has finally dropped after what seemed like a Detox type release date haha. My dude Jewels really brought Midwest lyricism to the forefront of his tape with this effort and it is only the beginning of his career. Southside Chicago was well represent by G.o.D and this tape will lockdown the summer, boosting his fanbase and garnering the attention that this artist deserves. At a time where most mixtapes are composed of recycled beats and generic rhymes, Glory or Death delivers with the smooth production and its message of success or bust. The features are definitely on point and you can really tell that he’s a student of the game. If you haven’t had the chance to tune your ears to GoD Jewels’ music, you’re in for some real hip hop with wordplay that rivals some of the top talents in the game. He’s not finished either, he’s got a ton of support with the grassroute efforts of , looking to command the respect of those  true hiphop heads,who still hold lyricism in high regards. The follow up, Greatness Opens Doors, is as the title says, ’nuff said.

To view a previous interview with G.o.D Jewels – Click Here

Production Mastermind behind Glory Or Death – Flu

 Twitter Contacts:

G.o.D Jewels – Here

Flu – Here

Find more G.o.D Jewels Music at


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