Petey Green, some would call him Wize

Today, we have a young MC by the name of Wize, quite ironic eh?  Once again we have a lesser known talent, who’s making moves and gaining notoriety as more get the opportunity to hear his music. We recently got the opportunity to catch up with Wize and see what’s good with him and his future in our interview. Check it out!

wzFirst and foremost, I’d like to thank you for doing this interview and look forward to hearing more material from you and collaborations with the fam.

So you’re in the music game, what’s the reason behind you wanting to become an MC?

The reason behind me wanting to become an MC? Self expression..that’s it..self expression, I’ve always been a writer and now I’m actually able to convey some of the ways I feel through music. I’m very creative and sometimes I feel like people might not understand me, but through music it’s a lot easier to get the message across.

How long have you known you had what it took to put out legit tracks and who recognized your talents?

That’s a real good question, but what really solidifies you have what it takes to put out “legit tracks”? Because a lot of dudes we hear these days they sound like they should NEVER be rapping.I just feel like I have a story that hasn’t been told. Like a lot of rappers these days, may have the flow, the delivery. and the lyrics..but their story is some shit..They have nothing to talk yea, but the guy who really recognized my talents is now my manager, my cousin put me on to him a few years ago..Dude was his mentor at Morehouse College and he’s very business savvy, and he made me believe we could take it a step further..we been working ever since.

What’s the story behind the stagename Wize?

I’m the smartest mafucka you know!!! *laughs* sike naw, I grew up watching this independent film called “Streetwise”, it’s a movie about the streets of D.C. where I’m from. I actually used it as my first unofficial mixtape title. Ever since then I dropped the “street” on it and I became Wize. Old heads and people in general have always told me I’m wise beyond my years, so I felt like it describes me best a person/artist. Not to mention is easy to remember..

Aside from music, what’s one of your most favorite hobbies?

Aside from music? there’s something else besides music? *ha* one of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball since that was my first love before the whenever I get a chance to get an open run in that’s what I’m doing..

One artist you’d love to collab with and why?

Honestly, it would be a dream come true to collaborate with is Stevie Wonder cuz that’s who I grew up listening to because of my father’s love for his music and him sharing that with me. Stevie’s like a freak of nature when it comes to making music so I know we would come up with something crazy given the opportunity to work together..he’s my favorite artist of any genre by the way.

What’s your take on the music that you make and direction you’re looking to go in?

The music I make is the testament of my life, which includes everything from the ups-and-downs, to the things I grew up on, the things I see around me happening everyday, to the values my family and community instilled in me. I just try to paint a picture of everything and give it to you through music.

How has the area you were raised in influenced the music you create?

The area’s I grew up in influences my music 100%, it is my music..because it is me.. not only the area I grew up in but the people I grew up around as well. I grew up in Southeast, DC(Benning Rd./Hanna Place) until I was 15 years old and then I moved out ATL. I feel like I have an advantage on a lot of artist from my city because God allowed me to see past the city, whereas a lot of people where I’m from have never left. I feel like it gives me balance to be able to relate to more than just hood niggas. and that’s a blessing in itself, because hip-hop is loved by all types of different people across the world..and I feel like I can to all those people through the diversity in my music.

What’s one quotable from any genre of music that describes you or that you keep close to you in life?

Ima highlight something my mans G.o.D. Jewels said on Glory or Death since that’s what I’ve been listening to a lot recently. He said “With friends like mine who the fuck needs enemies?” on a song that I’m actually featured on called “All The Way Around”..that’s a truthful rhetorical question basically saying in this life you can’t depend on everybody, but you can control your own actions to not disappoint yourself..Ya’ll be sure to check that mixtape/album out project of ’09 for me thus far.

What have you been working on lately and what’s coming up for you in the future?

I’ve been working on quite a few projects lately.. Writing and recording my album called “Definition of Classic” to be released at the end of the year around December, but before that I will have two mixtapes coming your way, that I won’t give too many details on yet, but stay tuned, because they will be on your head before you know it. I was supposed to be touring this summer with National Talent Search but that has been postponed due to funding and shit.. So for now, I’m just getting the music together.. and trying to create a buzz naturally..

Do you believe the state of the music industry is in a condition where new artists like yourself could thrive?

Definitely, the state of the music industry will never determine how far I can go personally..There are so many outlets to distribute your music independently. The hard part is just standing out and I feel like with my next few projects my music will stand out in this era of cliche’ rappers all trying to do the same thing to get on..Ima go left til there’s nothing left of me..*laughs* And I appreciate blogs such as LifeHasNoScript for taking the time to speak to me and allowing me to share what I have to offer. Life has no script, so everyday I continually write my own.. Thank You!! Once again, thanks for the interview and I look forward to collaborating in the future

So Sweet – Wize

Never Quit (ft. The Boy Illinois) – Wize

Sidewalk of Dreams (ft. K Chilla) – Wize

Catch Wize Here :



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