Second Chance Relationships

I wonder how many times most of us have seen it… You know, a person gets done wrong in a relationship and they’re given a second chance.

Many times we often find that we question ourselves so much in relationships, just because we like to subconsciously nitpick. It’s quite funny when I think about it myself lol. You end up saying to yourself, “why in the hell am I allowing them a second chance”, eh? It happens to most of us. We do a lot of questionable things, that we KNOW our partner would not like, but still proceed and expect them to just get over it. I mean it’s ok you know to have faith and trust that they will forgive you, but some things just don’t deserve a second chance.

Second chances allow people to make those vital corrections, but also allow people to make the same mistakes, thus making the impact of those mistakes even harder. Granted that in many cases people need time to re-evaluate the relationship and make space, it’s can be beneficial or detrimental to give it that second shot. It could be one of those relationships that get THAT much better or it could be one of those relationships where it gets THAT much worse. Now its up for you to decide, but just go into your decision with your eyes open and aware of all impending flying objects… you do not want to be blindsided at all.

I have been on both sides of the fence and neither one is preferrable, but more often than not, that second chance opportunity presents itself. At times I wished that I could not have given second chances and at other times, I wish I was given a second chance. Life moves forward though.

Regrets are usually not the answer as well because that leaves the door open for doubts on the future and any doubt within a relationship is never a good sign.

+Communication is KEY+

We do only live once, so why not, right?

-That Gentleman


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