Life’s obstacles

In life, we go through some things, to most…obstacles. Without those obstacles, life would be boring and in my opinion, meaningless.

You can go over, under, around, and between them. In many cases, they come at the most uneventful times and just drag your situation further in the ground, but hey, it’s life.

What do we expect? For life to have an easy button to everything?!

Not one single person is born and dies without a single obstacle hindering them at some point in life. It’s a challenge and who doesn’t like a challenge? -Success isn’t truly appreciated without a challenge, right?

Maybe you felt as though you’ve gone through a lot more than others, maybe that is actually the case, BUT there is always someone out there going or has gone through something worse than YOU. We must learn to appreciate the obstacles we do face because it allows us to “show what we’ve got”. A person really doesn’t realize their strengths till their weaknesses become prevalent. Everyone has a weakness and we’re all meant to enjoy the short time we do have in life.

Look at it this way-

Since you live once, would you rather;

A) Go through the life on easy street, with little obstacles and pass on without having really tested yourself

B) Go through life thorougly being tested by a challenge around every corner, realizing your true potential and progressing yourself

-> In my opinion, B sounds better because then it would mean my life is worth something and the things that I did accomplish in life felt right, considering the effort that I put in. It takes a special force inside of a person to overcome an obstacle, but we all have to cross that bridge at some time. You may have a helping hand to overcome the obstacle, you may not, but remember that the obstacle is what makes you who you are.

The biggest limit to people overcoming is their own minds. We as people, use outside as influence as crutches that usually have a negative impact on the mindset we taking, in regards to obstacles. As said in society, “go with your gut feeling”. I understand that the odds may be stacked against you, but it only takes a split second for the sun to peak from behind the clouds. Value the clear, mild, and even stormy weather because that’s all you’ve got and there is no choice as to which one you receive.

“To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

…Until we meet again

-That Gentleman


2 thoughts on “Life’s obstacles”

  1. Good read! Its funny how I happened to come across this particular post. You are right-I must overcome my own mind :0) Thank you.

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