Look at the bigger picture, the sum of all the beauty, do not focus on one area.

So a quite a few of us have insecurities, well, MOST of us do. We notice every little fault about every individual and most importantly, ourselves. It is not so much of a bad thin, it just becomes to stressed upon at times. I could meet a completely down to Earth individual and not realize how insecure they were in their own body, until they became upset. As we come to find out, most insecurities present themselves at times less yielding.

Many problems that grow into full-blown arguments can be attributed to insecurities, but it is not always recognized. Generally, we take out our own insecurities on others and it’s never fair.  We try to compensate for them or overlook them, only to further prioritize them. Think for a second, how much do you stress a “fault” ?


… a lot eh?


Well, we must learn to embrace those “faults” and remember that they are what make you, YOU. Not a single person walking this Earth is perfect or ever will be, but we can strive to better our character. I will not dive into the whole “plastic surgery” issue because people will do as they please.  It’s quite funny how to me how we stress faults but do not stress the beauty of life. We are all different and it’s not often seen in the proper light. Every individual is a different body. Yes, we have twins, but you get the point. 

No cloud in the sky is different, no sun sets the same, and no raindrop falls twice… Live life for what it is, a shot to see the Earth and all its beauty.  Of course, you should recognize things about yourself and improve, but don’t be so bogged down in analyzing them that you don’t actually  live.


..Until we meet again


– That Gentleman


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