The Underappreciated Gentleman

You know what saddens me? All the underappreciated gentlemen in this world.

Look at this picture. Thank you is two words, is it not?

Think about it, how many times do you hear women say ” I want a good man”, YET they always end up with the complete wrong ones. I mean it isn’t as if gentlemen are extinct, and on behalf of those gentlemen, I can definitely say that we are here and will remain here. The little things are unseen, the big things are shrugged off, and the monotonous cry for attention remains the same.

The dating scene has become so hypocritical. You preach this, but do opposite, and further damage your own emotions by doing so.

It all starts with the ability of women to recognize us “gentlemen”. Too often, I see a good guy get treated badly, yes I said it. I really can’t blame women for not knowing how to treat or recognize a real man, but at the same time, it’s quite pathetic. Chivalry never disappeared, it’s just secluded.

They tend to label us FAR too quickly. I consider myself to be a gentleman and that’s how I will always carry myself, but I often get mistaken for a player. Why? .. Because the way I carry myself tends to be well accepted by females, thus received erroneously. Now, take a quick minute to think about how the roles have been reversed. Instead of girls wishing for a good guy, there now is an increasing number of guys wishing to be appreciated. Quite frankly, women can be part of the blame for there being so many “bad guys/dogs”. It’s not complex in reacting properly to a “good guy”, but these days, it seems like finding bigfoot to many.

A guy this day in age could pull out a chair or hold open a door, only to not receive a “thank you”. It happens everyday seemingly. Times have changed, women have become more aggressive, and guys have learned to get in-touch with their emotions. In result to these newly found emotions, the stressed balanced treatment has become THAT more important. The want for a true gentleman, resembling Prince Charming, disappeared decades ago and it’s such a shame that it has gotten to that level.

When a lady makes a request to be treated “like a queen” and it actually happens, her reaction could be good or it could be bad. The latter, being the complete thrown off reaction caused by the unfamiliar treatment she’s received. If you were to continue to be shrugged off because you did things the right way, would you want to continue doing it?

A girl sits at home crying because she keeps dating the wrong guys.

A guy turns into a player because he’s never appreciated.

Take the time to appreciate the people that do things for you, especially a love interest, it can go a LONG way.

Get my drift? Thank YOU

.. Until we meet again

– That Gentleman


One thought on “The Underappreciated Gentleman”

  1. I’ll admit… I stopped appreciating my man when things got rough in our relationship. He made a mistake and because of our history and all the emotions and love I had for him, I forgave him. But in doing so, it took me a while to truly understand what that forgiveness entailed. In my mind saying I forgave him was just that but in reality I hadn’t gotten over the mistake. So while he believed everything was patched up I was harboring negative emotions towards him which in turn made our relationship worse. I finally realized that I was causing more problems by not voicing my feelings and when I did, when I finally spoke up I realized that because of his mistake he had matured in a way I didn’t give him credit for. He was truly becoming a man and treating me how I deserved, but my hurt blinded me to this. They say love is blind, but hurt is blinding. Luckily I realized in enough time to turn everything around that two mistakes don’t fix anything… because I almost let him slip away I realize how important it is to let him know that I do notice when he is polite or chivalrous. Besides, it truly is the little things that count.

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