A look into the mind of a blogger..

So what’s the name of your blog and how did obtain that name?

– The name of my blog is ‘I Am One Ten’ (www.iamoneten.com) and I obtained this name because about 4 years ago, I joined a group (shouts to F1) and was given the name One Ten. I was adorned this name because it was said that I give 110% in everything I do. I give THAT much effort. And when I first started a blog, I knew it was going to be about how I viewed things, so I figured, why not just rock with ‘I Am One Ten.’

How long have you been blogging?

– Come August, my blog will have been up for 1 year exactly man, and I’m just excited because I’m hitting everyone w/ a new layout, new everything….it’s going to be uber-dope! And hopefully by then I will have closed in on over 100,000 hits.

During the NBA finals, did you watch the game or blog?

– Real talk, with regards to the NBA Finals, I said I wasn’t going to watch them if Cleveland lost. I’m not even a Cavs fan really (I rock w/ my hometown Pistons) but I do love LeBron (pause) and I think the Cavs are a better match-up against the Lakers than the Magic are. Plus I’d rather stay on my grind w/ my blog anyway then watch Kobe destroy Orlando and win this series in 5 games.

What the inspiration behind your start in blogging?

– What inspired me to start blogging was that I have a nice following of people that were telling me they’d support me and I should start putting things that I liked into some form of art (music, blogging, etc.) and I decided since I’m always on the computer, I’m going to rock w/ it that way.

How do you think YOUR blog differs from the many blogs in the worldwide web?

– I think my blog differs because I’m different myself. You can’t put me into a category or a box and neither can you do that w/ my blog. A lot of people have blogs and they’re put into a category and a box, and all they do, real talk, is just post what everyone else posts. With me, you’ll get the sneaker-head side, the luxury-Forbesish side, the geek side, the hood side, everything…and that’s rare to find a blog or a person that’s a conglomerate within itself/himself.

What do you plan to achieve with your blog?

– Within my blog I want to launch my own business. I’m using this blog to network, give people a feel for me, and get a feel for certain industries and whatnot. With the usage and growth of the internet, you can meet a lot of cool people and get to know a lot of people….and through this, the world gets smaller and your chances for success increase.

Anything special in the works for your blog that your readers should look out for?

– Most definitely man, I’m going to be launching OneTen TV really soon and that’s just going to blow people’s minds away. Also, I’m in the works of this Houstatlantavegas Tour which is going to be yet another big thing. Also, like I said earlier, I’m re-designing and re-launching my blog….so that’s going to be epic man!!

From a blogger perspective, how much repitition in blogs do you come across often?

– I think blogs are starting to become like opinions, everyone has one…but only a few really matter. So I see a lot of repetition with blogs, but then again, there’s only so much for people to cover w/o it becoming over-saturated and over-used. Real talk, look at these gossip blogs….when things jumped off with Chris Brown and Rihanna, how many posted the exact same thing??? That shows you how much repetition there is in blogs, so I try to put my own spin on things and keep things fresh and original.

With the growing popularity of blogs, do you think the future of blogs is a bright one?

– Most definitely. Even though bloggers are growing at a rapid number, there’s enough for everyone to eat. You see how the music industry is, there’s millions of aspiring-artists and tons that have already made it, but yet you still see people getting it in, grinding hard, and making a name for themselves amongst the crowd.

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself and how your personality contributes to the blog..

– Terrance ‘OneTen’ M. (yeah, that’s me) is just dope. LOL, but seriously, I’m a little bit of everything and refuse to compromise or sell myself short just to fit-in with everyone else. I am willing to listen to and work w/ absolutely anyone and I’m one of those people that actually responds. You see on Twitter, you have these people that are ‘movers and shakers’ that have a ton of followers but don’t really follow anyone back nor show love and respond. That’s not me, I’ll always be one of these people that interacts, gets to know, and reciprocates love back to those that send it. Thank you for showing me love over here at Life Has No Script, you know I support my dude and be sure to continue to rock w/ me.

Contact OneTen at:

Website – http://www.iamoneten.com and also follow me on

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/ItsOneTen.

It’s been an honor!!!!

big ups to my dude

So what’s the name of your blog and how did obtain that name?

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