I am an Ohio State Buckeye

The Ohio State



The pressure is on once again…

For yet another time, I embrace the tradition that comes with being a Buckeye, but I do not embrace the losing that has come on the big stage, during Tressell’s tenure. Today we face USC, with a couple of friends playing for the Trojans. Jim Tressell is in over his head again and I do respect him as a coach, but he has not done anything worth mentioning since 2002-2003 and even then, he won barely.

If you too are a Buckeye or do not like the Buckeyes, I’ m quite sure you can see what hasbeen going on in the past couple of years. Football just isn’t the same with traditional powers having down years. University of Miami, Michigan, and Florida State to name a few. I would love to see the competition back at the level it was before and to be honest, I’m an SEC fan.

In any school that you go to or cheer for, I’m quite sure you take pride in your program through everything, but do not like seeing them lose at all. For the Buckeyes, realize that we were once on top of the college football world and have all the tools to be there again, sometimes it just takes a CHANGE.

No more “Oh-verated”, no more “Just beat Michigan”.. take pride in your team and realize the state of your program.


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