It’s so hard not to act wreckless…

There’s a time and place for everything, right?

I didn’t even watch the VMA’s and heard about it right when it happened. IT, being the stunt that KanYe West pulled on Taylor Swift, but it’s just another fiasco added to Kanye’s long list of media blunders.

Let make me one bold statement – I cannot hate the man for doing it, but I can’t condone it either.

We know what to expect from Mr.West and we can’t expect him to wake because he is who is he is, allowing for the phrase, “everything I’m not, made me everything I am” to ring even more true.

Seems like Kanye’s back to his old self, which could be good or bad for his image/music. If you really think about the artists who were GREAT in their own right, they all had their faults outside of the music and that’s what distinguished them so much. You can’t judge a person by their cover, better yet WE can’t judge people period.  The acts we commit distinguish our legacy on Earth whether they were in good taste or piss poor in judgement.

Sometimes it’s hard for one to control their emotions in the heat of the moment.  Not many of us are blessed with the calm and level headed trait, it’s understood.  We do have the freedom of speech, do we not? Yes, they do say there’s a time and place for EVERYTHING, but that time and place isn’t always guranteed, correct?  Your opinion makes you as an individual, different from others, BUT we do not always get placed upon a pedestal where we’re heard.  The blunt speak for the silent and the silent listen for the deaf, it’s only right.

Take a minute to think of some of the things you’ve done in life and realize that not everyone’s character is perfect, we all have work to do.

So if you’re hoping for Mr.West to change any after this situation.

Don’t worry, he’s already said, “you can’t tell me nothing“.

That Gentleman


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