.. Crossing over the thin line

There’s this thin line between love and hate, the border between insanity and sanity, which leads me to believe that there’s truly NO in between.

In this mild rant(organized chaos), I’m going to speak on a lot if issues and try to connect them all under one broad theme, “the thin line”.

Before I dive into this broad subject-matter, do not be offended if it does not pertain to you.

Women,  can’t live with them, can’t live without them, which is unfortunately the reality of the situation.  Men, well we’re stuck attempting to find the balance between that insanity and insanity, puzzled as to how to deal with it.

Every individual is made differently, but there are certain instances where we do fall into generalities.  Often,  we find that we get disturbed by individual flaws(granted, it’s how you perceive them).   A large majority of our generation seems to not embrace that individuality, which makes us stand out. I’ll allow myself, for this instance, to speak on the matter of women not embracing it.

I’ve been quite puzzled as to why ladies are so concerned with others that they forget who they are.  There’s a thin line between wanting to appreciate others and loving yourself.  We, as people, cannot expect others to fulfill the love that we SHOULD have for the person we see in the mirror. The increasing insecurity theme with women is in large part due to the sex crazed generation we have now.  I understand the faults of a lot of males these days in their lost touch with the idea that is chivalry.

Brief statement – Jealousy is not love.

Jealousy will not earn you anymore respect than insecurity will.

Back to what I was saying…

Many men and women are now judged by appearance, in some cases, rightfully so. By that judgement, those who do indeed judge, we are already moving entirely too quick. The idea of getting to know a person before you make a commitment has become close to extinct. Please excuse me for interjecting my own own experiences as I speak to you.

I’ve talked with ladies who felt as though me “getting to know them” was far too slow, so to speak. I had to ask myself whether it was right for me to even slow things down in the first place. After long thought, it was in my better judgement to do so. It seems as though today relationships just move extremely too quickly from the beginning, which leads to quicker failure.  I really would love see everyone’s point as to why there should be a balance of speed, but if you happened to read my blog before, you’d notice that I firmly believe that there is a severe lack of communication.  My instincts tell me to not speak with females in the sense that I’m attempting tto become their lifetime companion, but that’s just my instinct.. at the moment.

Reality does teach many lessons, day to day, and we must take from the knowledge of those days past. Understanding the problems that we face today are not as complicated as most would think, they just are not being approached correctly. So, for me to consistently come upon women who are in themselves insecure, just seems like a daily routine. Personally,  I believe that insecurity is far too vast and far too unattractive. Men are quite a bit more simple. We do have emotions, yet we often hide them behind our egos. The physical requirement in a relationship seems to overshadow the feelings that we actually have. Just being frank, it’s become too easy to gain that physical touch as compared to gaining entrance to the emotions of a love/friendship interest.

I’ll leave it at that, for now

..Until we meet again

– That Gentleman


One thought on “.. Crossing over the thin line”

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