Venting from the outside… 100K

Sup ya’ll. Its ya boy 100K.  Corey asked me to give a few thoughts on my dealings with women I meet and the mindset I approach women with. Here goes:

Well off top, I’m 23 and single. I love being single. Its only of my favorite things in the world besides music and playing Scrabble. I kid, I kid. But really, its more of a time for me to experience myself and what makes me tick. With that said, I’ll talk about my some of my personal experiences with women I’ve dated. I aint gonna be single forever so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts…

The last few women I’ve dated…the individual experiences ranged from challenging (which I respected) to downright annoying. I’ve dealt with a lot of BS in my seven years of dating: women with boyfriends wanting me, women with previous STD infections (I take sexual health extremely serious. I’m clean BTW.), past issues, you name it. I’m not gonna put ALL my business out there, but these situations were taken as growth opportunities. Here’s how I get down.

1. I look at what a woman brings to the table besides looks-in terms of assets/liabilities. Is she in school or working? Is she an alpha female? What do you enjoy about her? It may sound harsh but I’ve had to put women in the friendzone or just cut them off completely because I knew nothing good would come out of dealing with them. And when I cut a loss, I cut a loss. No Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, nothing. I’m not perfect and I have flaws, but there’s just something I don’t even bother with (ie mind games, girls already in relationships, hoes trying to be good girls, etc)

2. Treat women as individual cases. Everyone aint the same and it is unfair to categorize. That person’s issues are relative to them. And you know what they say: if you keep attracting the same type, it’s something about you. The women you date are a reflection of you, and I’ve learned that its better to stand alone with a good rep than to be with someone sharing a bad one. There was a time when I was just meeting all types of women with fucked up issues, so I fell back and redeveloped my game plan. Now, the caliber of women I usually meet are better because I’m better. I’ll go as far as to say that women feel off of your male leadership skills so get yourself right, then holla.

3. Don’t be scared to speak your piece, You should be tactful while doing this. You don’t want to be this bulldozing asshole and, ultimately, it is a female’s RIGHT to choose to be with you. But a lot of guys salt themselves out of a potential situation with a female because they don’t express their intentions upfront. If you like her, fuck it. Go for it.

4. Get a solid platonic female friend. A platonic female friend is good because they can usually tell you about the girl(s) you date and you can pick their brains about how to relate to females. You aint gonna sleep with every female you meet. I hope I’m not the first person who’s told you that either.

5. HONESTY. A female must respect you for you to even have a semblance of a functional relationship. For her to respect you, you must show that you’re worthy of it. If you don’t want a relationship, let it be known. If you wanna take it slow, same thing. A lie only has so long till it gets exposed. If you have to lie to a female for some ass, its a deficiency in YOUR game.

6. Last but not least, loyalty. If you’re single, play the game responsibly. Be honest and all. But if you’re in a committed relationship, hang up your jersey. Its not fair to her to have to deal with infidelity on your end. If that’s the case, at least have the decency to break up and then do whatever you want. I value loyalty and honestly above anything else.

It may not be what your momma told you about females, but if you’re gonna do something, might as well do it right. Its been a blast ya’ll.

Shoutouts to Corey for giving me chance to share my thoughts.

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One thought on “Venting from the outside… 100K”

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