Cuff Season, the unspoken season.

You see it, but you’re scared to travel down the cold path alone.

An introduction to that time of the month…well, I mean “time of the year”

I bet you’re wondering what “Cuff Season” is, but it’s quite simple. We are currently a couple of weeks into it and the craze that it brings,it is quite hilarious. Give me some time to explain and I’ll have you understanding the comedy as well haha.

You know the time of the year where it gets cold and cuddling begins to increase at a rapid rate?  – That’s only the beginning of cuff season.

Hormones are raging and people are wanting someone to call their own for the holidays. I was talking with a couple of my guys and made the statement, “people sure do go crazy over Christmas presents”. So what are YOU getting that loved one for the holidays? See, funny stuff.

  It’s quite understood that people want someone to care about them during the holidays, but if you REALLY just look and think about it, it never fails.  Take a seat in a Starbucks or walk around a crowded area, people are talking about wanting to be in a relationship and seeing all THEIR friends in relationships.

If you don’t catch yourself, you’ll get caught up in it too, but there’s always a time and place for everything. Don’t do it, RECONSIDER. Cuff Season does indeed have an ending period, where the spring/summer creeps up and people are going haywire just to get out and party again. The chains and leashes tend to loosen and fall off. People just have a tendency to want to have their options open, allowing them to be “single and ready to mingle”.  Think about it for a second.

Cuff season goes along the same lines as the flu, it’s airborne(word of mouth) and it’s contagious.  Personally, I’ve heard the “I want a boyfriend” statement so many times already and we haven’t gotten completely into the winter months yet. Everytime, I can only just give a brief sigh and continue to stay out the Black Friday-like chaos.

I’ve chosen to not even touch Cuff Season this year because all together, it’s one BIG headache. If you did indeed get a loved one this Cuff Season, I tip my hat to you because it could’ve been a relationship in the works. If you got a loved this season because you saw others doing it and felt alone, shame on you, REALLY.  As the ice melts away and the flowers begin to bloom, the egos of those who were in relationships/flings seem to get a great boost and they feel rejuvenated for the upcoming months. Cuff Season does not offer immunity shots or any remedies except for sad love songs and quick pick-me-up’s. While people are rushing to get their holiday plans in gear and purchase gifts, others are scheming on how they’ll attract someone for the holidays.  Two sides of the spectrum that seem to collide at an intersection of sorts.

Women take it a bit more serious than others and become completely upset about it, but I understand, trust me. It’s just something that’s natural and more often than not, unnoticed.  Continue on with your normally scheduled companionship rituals, just remember that it’s Cuff Season and it DOES have an end to it.

I know, I know, you knew about it all along..but I did say it was unspoken, right?

.. Until we meet again

– That Gentleman


One thought on “Cuff Season, the unspoken season.”

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