..tick tick, goes the clock

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.”

Life isn’t truly meant to be understood and never it will be completely understood, but that’s the beauty of it. Everyone has their own interpretation of life and can make of it what they want. Some turn the borderline insanity into a perception of individual growth, while others, they just happen to go through the motions.  Another day, another sunrise, waiting on the what stress is going to come into your life on this day.

At times, you may feel as though the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders. Understandably so, you feel as though you are making no progress and life, it’s just conspiring against you. It’s quite the disheartening feeling, but as we come to learn in life, it has its high’s and low’s. If we were to all be completely happy, wouldn’t it just a boring everyday ritual?  We do have those who attempt to consciously smile 24/7, but sooner or later, it does get old.

 Think about it. 

 So, while time is steadily ticking, you live without a care in the world… You walk by flowers and don’t even think to smell them. I believe there’s a quote that says, “wake up and smell the roses”.  Within yourself, think of all the times you may have just glanced at something, happen to become intrigued, but never stopped because you were in a rush. A person opens up the blinds, revealing the sunlight and you react in a tone of utter disgust.  The sun rises everyday, but the breaths you take can’t be counted on to feel your lungs the next morning.  Leaves you with a feeling of regret, though we are often hear from some that we should live without regrets. 

In every single day, the sun rises and the sun sets…somewhere. The vision of it’s beauty can surely be seen, but we seem to take it, as we do most things, for granted.

 Are you really getting the most out of life that you possibly could?  I must ask the question.

In times, like the ones we live in presently,  where things aroud us are times of chaos and madness, it is quite the necessity to understand the magnitude of our society. The living is the present and your mistakes are the past.  Enjoy every single wakin moment and never count on the next second to be there.

Find the beauty in your life and preserve the picture of it within the mental, it’s simple.

.. Until we meet again

– That Gentleman


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