When To Be A Gentleman and When Not To.

I bet you’re wondering… huh?

Why this topic?  Well, it’s quite simple.

The other day one of my friends brought to my attention that I possess the ability to know when to be a gentleman and when to turn it absolutely off. I had to ponder for a moment, non in the literal sense of what he said, but whether it was a good thing or not.

I came to realize that this was indeed a very good thing..and you ask, “Why?”

Take a minute to step under my suspenders and ponder yourself.

When should YOU be a true gentleman in today’s society – everyday, every other day, never?  Always such a tough question. I’ll try to make this as brief as possible, but that’d require me to be very blunt, so please excuse the following haha.

It is quite easier to get in between a woman’s legs than it is to get in between her ears in today’s society.  Women will allow you penetrate their sexual emotions faster than you can their intellect out of fear.  There are specific reason for that, but I’ll detail that at a later time.

Why should allow yourself to be a gentleman when it’s so easy to bypass intimacy? Think about it for a second.

I could LITERALLY stick my thumb out and garner sexual attention faster than I could trying to “get to know” a lady.  Once again, it’s not all the ladies’ fault at all, but they are in contribution to the problem.

Should you allow yourself to be a gentleman when  most females continually write good males off as “too good to be true”? It is largely believed that men are getting progressively worse, but in the words of Malcolm X – “society can best be gauged by the condition of women in that society”. I personally, believe in his sentiments because after all, women are the teachers of curent and future generations.  Remember when I wrote about “The Under-appreciated Gentleman,” this is just a continuance of it. Chivalry is respected and recognized, but not readily available to every individual woman.

You see, you must take it on a case-by-case basis or you’ll quickly burn out of chivalrous gestures to women who’d rather take it physically. Women say they love gentleman, but are not properly equipped to receive one. Why? It is because the lack of intimacy has given up and coming men a pass to learn the patience and respect of women.

It comes full circle, but as you see, giving in one hand (literally) and taking in another.

With the lack of intimacy, there becomes a lack of gentlemen. It’s increasingly getting worse and for the gentlemen of today, you must learn how to accustom your methods to this.

Women, take your power to hone patience and run with it, please. Don’t allow us to question  becoming a gentleman, force it.

..Until we meet again

– That Gentleman.


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