Washington D.C. and so on

I’d like to make quite note of the situation. It’s deep, but simple all at the same time.

More of the same vs A Different Direction

Some feel comfortable taking the same road we have went on before, it’s understandable, change CAN be scary.

There’s this one quote that always seem to come to my mind..ah, I’ve got it.

“… take the road less traveled” Mr. Frost did write some lightweight poetry on that theme as well haha.

You get my drift, right?

It can be argued from both sides, but why travel on the same path when life only happens once? It’d just be a never-ending cycle.

I’d love to get into the actual politics of it, but quite frankly, I do know that American politics bores most American citizens. =/

– Develop your own opinions, outside of media influence. On that note, remember that it is your vote for YOUR reprensentation.

.. Until we meet again


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