.. What a waste of time


You may be thinking, “must of chosen the wrong one huh?”

..but for me, that is NOT the case.

It’s that time of the season, where the phone calls become more rampant and the heat begins to rise. Many are beginning to apply pressure towards ones that mean the most to them, and for others, they’re finding out that this time of the season may not end well. It never fails though, hearing the same complaints at this time of the year.  I understand that a large amount of people want loved ones for the season, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of complacency. Make up to break up or just get together for a short time, seems to be how my generation does it. It’s truly another post in itself, which I’ll attack later. Since we are becoming increasingly geared more towards exclusive social network interaction *laugh*,  just take a small glance at your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (lol..nah I won’t go that far). The relationship statuses changes have become far too usual, and in many cases it’s just downright awkward.

As you begin to bundle up and see more couples walking a little closer, think about what defines a relationship. It’s a complicated equation that most will never get a grasp on, but for the few that do, they experience something that can’t be described.

The season isn’t an excuse to grab a short-term hookup, even though I know that may even seem fun to some. Relax and realize that true feelings aren’t induced by a season. Don’t let that person be a “waste of time,” choose wisely, it could make all the difference

Next time you walk under a mistletoe, think twice.



… Until we meet again.

– That Gentleman



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