Come Winter..

It’s winter…supposedly

At times I feel that this winter (in the US of course) is about how life has been. You prepare for one scenario mentally, but life throws you situations that you weren’t quite dressed for. You’ve experienced it; we walk outside expecting cool weather and it’s 70 degrees, seriously. We could simply check the weather ahead of time, but as with anything else, we don’t prepare in the same or best manner every single time. Though we do have expectations, albeit high at times, we are human at the end of the day. It is in our nature to attach ourselves to expectations.

As I sit here and ponder existence, I can’t help but realize again that time is fleeting and how much of a bittersweet moment the end of the year can be. The cool air blows in and you always can get that same eery and chilling feeling that you’ve lived another year of life. We review the highs and lows, the temperatures of the past year. We look optimistically to a new year of good fortune, one that we are mentally preparing ourselves for. We look back on the year we had, the good and the bad. Did we accomplish everything that we wanted to? Is next year going to be better than the one we had? The expectations we attach ourselves to can tip the scale as to what your overall opinion of the year.

It’s a time where we are are not truly in the moment.

Winter is a time where it would seem ideal to take a mental hibernation of sorts, removing yourself from the constant reflection. If you allow it, it can consume your thoughts and dictate your mood.

Winter has yet to come, but we are hopeful that we are prepared for it when it arrives. Until then,  let us live in the moment.


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