Indepence Day

Back and forth, you think you have enough time when the clock says otherwise.

I always felt and still believe that I have enough time to do some of the many things on my list. I’ve tried different strategies to maximize my efficiency and it seems to be a constant testing process to find the right one. But here I am, making my way back to my laptop to a bit of therapy, releasing my thoughts into this domain. I can feel confident in saying that many things have changed since I last wrote, but they’re all a part of my daily learnings. The following quote that I ran into this morning has never meant more to me than now.

“Time, as it grows old, teaches all things.”

Ultimately, I’ve been in search of perfection in many things and that has kept me from publishing more frequently. I guess you can waste of a ton of time in search of perfection, but how much do you gain in the search of what most would say is unattainable?


Lessons can be found in almost any place that you look for them. These things that we learn can move you forward, they can stop you, but they will teach you. I try not to look back as much now, as I did before, though it is human nature.

On a day where we celebrate independence in America, I celebrate time. I celebrate the things that I’ve learned, as time starts to dawn on me and I am thankful for the path that I’m creating. What it lacks in a script, it surely makes up for it in learned wisdom.

Theme of the Day

… Until next time


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