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Noah Caine: New York City’s Best Kept Secret

Coming out of Southside Jamaica, Queens, we bring to you Noah Caine, the hardworking hip-hop artist that is looking to shoulder the game and showcase yet another lyrical talent from the famed borough that has produced some of the greatest talents the game has ever seen. To name a few, we’ve seen Nas, Rakim, Mc Shan, LL, and various others represent to the fullest.

 First off let’s talk about Queens — You’ve previously said that “people sleep on Queens”… Out of all of the MCs that come from Queens, who has influenced you the most as an artist and how do you see yourself paving your OWN way in today’s music industry, especially being from NYC?

 Thanks for having me, I appreciate the interview man. A ton of MCs came out of Queens man, for real, I’m just happy to be noticed for carrying the torch so early in my career. As far as my greatest influences? I couldn’t just pick one, I’d have to definitely credit Nas and being from Southside, I have to include 50 Cent as well. Nas inspires me for his longevity in the game, founded off of his debut classic, it’s incredible to see a body of work stand the test of time for over 20 years. 50 Cent has inspired me to be about my business at all times.  Through watching the way he handles his situations, which I don’t always agree with, I’ve learned how to approach endeavors of my own. You’ve really got to learn from the successes, as well as mistakes, of your idols. With careers as long as theirs, you’re bound to learn a lot. Haha.

Noah, [the] boy who “met the world, without Mr.Feeny”. Can you elaborate on that line in terms of your life and the lessons you’ve learned? Who is Noah Caine?

 Haha, that’s from The Genesis joint off my first project. Respect to you for quoting that. Basically what that line meant is that growing up in a single parent household, I never really had the ability to get all my smarts from home. Sometimes, as young men in the inner city, the streets raise us. It teaches us certain things that you’ll never be able to pick up from the safety of your own home. Seeing people get shot, violence, being around gunfire and narrowly missing bullets myself, those are things that you just have to smarten up to and learn how to deal with or else you’re outta here. Noah Caine is a product of that and you can definitely hear those accounts in the music. On the other hand in reference to the TV show, there are no “Mr. Feenys” in the hood. There are a lot of characters, but I never really came into contact with someone like that pure-hearted, extra father figure, dude portrayed on that TV show, I guess that’s why it’s a TV show.  He doesn’t really exist.

As you gain more publicity, more people are starting to check for your music, you tend to live by and embrace the motto “steady to the top”, can you detail what brought about that motto? How are you handling the increase in supporters of your music?

 That motto, saying, mantra, -whatever you want to call it, came from a point in time where my team and I just felt lost in the whole process of making music. We were all seriously about to just quit and put our energies into other endeavors. One of my boys wanted to work for the government, another wanted to travel and see the world, I wanted to focus more on going to college. It was just like “well, this isn’t popping, let’s do something else”. We couldn’t leave it alone though, and we realized that we were being impatient because we believed in ourselves 100% and wanted people to embrace our talents instantly. As we learned the game, we realized that nothing comes that easily, so I think I just started saying “Steady to the top” in a lot of our meetings and convos when we were just kicking it and it stuck. We’re all here now, we ain’t quit and the music is getting more attention every day.


As far as the increase in fans I think it’s a gift and a curse. I get a lot of people telling me that they relate enough to understand my story, but are still curious to see where I’m going with it, that’s dope. On the flip side, I feel like if I ever quit I’d be letting a lot of people, who use my story for their own personal escape or release, down. I’ve realized that a lot of young cats have no voice, not everybody Raps or has the means to Rap, so they use the dudes who are talented as motivation and when you quit, to your fans it’s like their best homie just died. That’s a weight I gotta carry.

As mentioned, your fist mixtape “The Pre-Season” was well received and quite frankly it was a breath of fresh air to the game. How are you doing fam, mentally and physically? To date, what has been your greatest motivation to keep grinding?

 Good looking out, haha! I rarely have interviews where they ask the artist like, really, how are you doing? I’m great though man, I can’t complain just trying to get this foundation built to get some more traction in this game. I’m in a mental state of peace and positivity, there’s always negativity around but you have to try and avoid it. I recently lost a big influence in my life, my uncle, and that really messed me up. He was the one who really influenced me to start rapping at a young age, man. It was hard but I gotta keep going in memory of him. That’s my greatest motivation at the moment, to just keep creating through the hard times to get a better knowledge of who I am and how I put together my perception of life in general. It’s therapeutic. Rest in peace Big Vin.

Speaking of The Pre-Season – In “The Crown”, you say “I’ll bring it all to you and never fall back..cause opportunity knocks, but never calls back” Do you feel as though it’s your time, that opportunity is knocking? Talk about your upcoming projects and when can we expect them?

 I most definitely feel like we all got a calling. I feel that you’ll be shown your way, your path. You can’t fight it, because if you do you’ll have a harder time on this Earth going against the plan that the higher power has intended for you. That’s real. I feel like it’s just my path man, things are lining up and more people are putting me on their radar on a higher level. I’ve had some conversations with people high up in the industry who support my talents and that’s just the way it goes when there’s a path for you and you follow it with positivity and realness.


My next project out it a continuation of the last project. It’s called “Rookie Season” and it’s produced by Half Amazin’. There’s a lot of energy on this new joint and it was really, really dope to make despite all the ups and downs I’ve been going through personally. It’s dope, for real. The people are gonna fuck with it.

Let’s go ahead and speak it into existence, where you do you envision your career a year or 2, possibly even 5 years from now?

 5, 10, 15 years from now I’m going to still be telling my story as it evolves. People are still going to be able to relate to what I’m doing and I’ll definitely always be a beast on the mic…probably a couple of really nice business deals too. I got plans for a few ideas that I’d like to set into motion when the time’s right. People always talk about how great B.I.G or Pac would have been today if they hadn’t passed away and that’s always motivation for me because I want to be as great as they would’ve been if they were still alive. I guess I use their careers as a source of unlimited inspiration. That “what if” conversation is really inspiring to me as an artist. May they rest in peace.

Where can we find your previous work, upcoming releases, and contact info?

 Everything y’all need is on man. Go grab “The Pre-Season”. Hit me up on Twitter and come out to the next show in NYC or if I’m in your city. It’s been a pleasure man, thanks a lot for reaching out. Much respect. Steady.

Thank you to Noah Caine for the insight to your music and we look forward to much continued success from you.


Greatness Opens Doors – ’nuff said

The artistry that is hip-hop is alive and well, as for GoD Jewels, he’s a testament to this statement. Once again, Jewels delivers with a substance filled tape completely embodying what an MC should be, offering features that bring their own to the table. If you thought he was “On The Cusp” before, he might have just kicked the door down with this effort. As the cover details, he remains faithful to his city, especially with the debut of the video “All Things ‘Go”. Greatness truly does open doors, find out for yourself.

Download –

Hip Hop never left the west, Introducing Qualmes

West coast hip hop is well-known for its explicit content, gangsta lyricism and killer swag over knockin’ beats. Keeping the reputation of notorious talent, Qualmes
merges smooth melodies and rough diction to produce today’s hottest trend in rap music. Spittin the truth of the streets from hustling to snaggin the ladies, his hard sixteens capture the ears of music-lovers all over the world. “I rep cali to the fullest and will always remember where I come from but I make sure to keep my songs universal for everybody to hear my story of my life and what i been through to get to where i am now.”


Q1: Thanks for the interview fam, so what made you choose the stagename “Qualmes”?

Likewise I appreciate you reaching out to me. Qualmes is actually a name I picked up on thanks to my moms. Growing up she always pushed me away from talking with slang or talking out of context and a word she used a lot was qualmes(spelled qualms). Whenever she didn’t have a problem with someone she would say I don’t have any qualms with that. I utilized that as whenever someone hears about me they wanna be like na Im not fucking with that nigga I don’t want any qualms with dude. Its a name of respect,a name that holds a big title to it. I put my own twist on the spelling and ran with it

Q2: In a lot of your songs you seem to just keep it real and a lot of artists these days don’t seem to do that, why does it matter to you?

Most musicians just don’t want to be real with themselves, how can you be real with your audience if your lying to yourself?  Your surroundings are everything,what you see is what you get. If your not living in the middle of an environment where people are killing each other,selling dope and living in poverty how can you paint a vivid visual for people to follow if your writing about that? Im not gonna sugar coat whats going on out here, but at the same time that’s not all your gonna hear from me cause that’s not all Ive seen.  I’ve been fortunate enough to go around the world and visit different countries and bless my eyes with different things the world has to offer.  A track like Kilo’s & Gram’s you hear straight up what a lot of us see everyday,people tell me its vintage “LA’ street life….then you hear a track like Make You A Star Tonight where its like I’m walking you through back streets in Europe where your seeing stores like Mango and seeing the city of Sicily. You gotta be able to go everywhere with your music Domestic and International

Q3: Along those same lines, many artists in the industry are sacrificing substance for better production in order to sell, why do you make your music?

You know that’s a big pet peeve I have with music today. Beats with A plus efforts mixed with what seems is 10 minutes worth of creativity. There not a lot of artist that can constantly pump creative music out over and over and over again. Its better to take your time and polish your product then flood your audience with music just so you can show them you’re an “artist”. I feel a lot of musicians who are still on the come up in the industry feel if they don’t have music coming out every week people wont believe you’re an actual “rapper/writer/singer/producer/etc”. People spend years on albums to polish it to perfection, Im not saying go on the Detox route but have the music be able to speak for itself.

Q4: What do you think of artists who do end up sacrificing the quality of their music?

 If it works…Im not in this to criticize the next man about how they make there next dollar.A lot of cats don’t wanna be the next Nas,Em or Jay. There fine with there quick entrance and exit and that’s perfectly fine. My only problem is a&r’s need to be able to weed those type of artist out of the pack and not waste as much promotion/time/etc on them and lock in on those who have longevity for the label .

Q5: You’re a comedian to many of us who know you, for those who don’t, what’s another one of your hobbies?

Im real heavy on traveling. My mom started me really young on that being we were back and forth between California & Denmark a few times a year. I feel as just a person in general you start to realize more of who you are when you leave your everyday surroundings. Its nothing like experiencing walking off a plane into a city where you’re the foreigner . Im pretty sure were all so used to every culture coming into are backyards that we don’t know how it feels to walk in those shoes

Q6: We can’t avoid it, but you’re a west coast MC and they haven’t been getting much respect as of recent, what makes you different?

You know that’s a question I’ve come accustom to in a lot of interviews and plan to have to answer in every interview after this. I’ll always start off saying Im not Snoop,Quik,Dre,Kurupt,etc,I feel to many west coast artist try and fill there shoes over and over again. That’s a downfall to a lot of artist from the west because they get to caught up trying to re make albums like Doggystyle or The Chronic. Just be you,where do you think the next star comes up from?from being themselves. When I sit in the studio or wherever Im writing my mindstate isnt how can I make It Was A Good Day all over again its about making a record with the same impact as that did. Its all about new direction with me.

Q7: How has the west coast or music in general, influenced you?

Its influenced me a lot.I grew up on it,watching my older brother run the streets gangbanging that’s all I heard. You know a thing people don’t give the west for having is that we have always had are own unique style that influences every other region.  No other coast has been able to rub off on every other coast as much as the west.  At times we get to caught up in that 90’s sound we brought out,but as of late Ive been hearing tons of different directions that’s bubbling us back to that position we need to be in.

Q8: For those who aren’t familiar with you, how long have you been in the music industry?

 I’ve been doing this serious for about 4 years now

Q9: Give us some the names of artists you’ve worked with and how has it allowed you to progress as an artist?

I’ve been around producers for the most part of my career which has helped me a lot in finding my own direction.I haven’t had a rapping mentor which has kept someone from being in my ear telling me how I should do this or do that Ive been lucky enough to go through my learning experiences relatively by myself. My close friend GQ put me on a few years ago and since then weve been doing tracks none stop. Dude is crazy talented,Ive never heard a producer who can do so many different genres as good as he can. Through him Ive been lucky enough to meet Tony”Tone”Touch whos also another amazing musician that people sleep so heavily on. With both there help Ive been able to take my music as a whole to another level. Other than that its been mostly local cats Ive worked with. Jase-Ryn who has appeared on both my tapes is a phenomenal singer,his voice captures you from the moment you hear it. He’s my go to guy when I need male r&b vocals on a track. Ive also been working heavy with Eunice Kiss who just blows other up and coming pop artist out the water.Shes such a dope writer at times I think she over looks how talented she is,shes family so working with her is second nature.

Q10: Which group or solo artist, dead or alive, has influenced you the most?

Im gonna catch a lot of flack from this but 50 has always been an amazing artist to me. I could careless about dudes personal life but fifth as a songwriter is something I have always respected. How many artist have been able to knock out so many hits in such a short time for himself,his artist and others in the industry like he has. Dudes work ethic is out of this world.

 Q11: What’s up next for you and your music?

Project after project after project. I got something in the works with my man BobbyFresh that’s gonna be dropping within the next couple months that’s gonna make a lot of noise. Im also in the works with doing a collective tape with my man Grindtime Tommy and my Grindtime music family that’s really gonna have the streets buzzing.  And in-between all that Im getting ready to start work on my album that Im gonna independently push out…..well depending if Im signed by then or not lol that’s tentatively titled Red Eye Flight, The whole concept for that is just mind blowing. I really wanna take my time and polish that perfectly

 Q12: What’s one quote, possibly a song lyric, that you would say you live by?

 Theres no such thing as a dream,cause that’s just something for you to get lost in

You can look for Qualmes on more Shadyville projects the rest of this summer and on other various projects with Grindtime Music Family..

Find more from Qualmes:

Petey Green, some would call him Wize

Today, we have a young MC by the name of Wize, quite ironic eh?  Once again we have a lesser known talent, who’s making moves and gaining notoriety as more get the opportunity to hear his music. We recently got the opportunity to catch up with Wize and see what’s good with him and his future in our interview. Check it out!

wzFirst and foremost, I’d like to thank you for doing this interview and look forward to hearing more material from you and collaborations with the fam.

So you’re in the music game, what’s the reason behind you wanting to become an MC?

The reason behind me wanting to become an MC? Self expression..that’s it..self expression, I’ve always been a writer and now I’m actually able to convey some of the ways I feel through music. I’m very creative and sometimes I feel like people might not understand me, but through music it’s a lot easier to get the message across.

How long have you known you had what it took to put out legit tracks and who recognized your talents?

That’s a real good question, but what really solidifies you have what it takes to put out “legit tracks”? Because a lot of dudes we hear these days they sound like they should NEVER be rapping.I just feel like I have a story that hasn’t been told. Like a lot of rappers these days, may have the flow, the delivery. and the lyrics..but their story is some shit..They have nothing to talk yea, but the guy who really recognized my talents is now my manager, my cousin put me on to him a few years ago..Dude was his mentor at Morehouse College and he’s very business savvy, and he made me believe we could take it a step further..we been working ever since.

What’s the story behind the stagename Wize?

I’m the smartest mafucka you know!!! *laughs* sike naw, I grew up watching this independent film called “Streetwise”, it’s a movie about the streets of D.C. where I’m from. I actually used it as my first unofficial mixtape title. Ever since then I dropped the “street” on it and I became Wize. Old heads and people in general have always told me I’m wise beyond my years, so I felt like it describes me best a person/artist. Not to mention is easy to remember..

Aside from music, what’s one of your most favorite hobbies?

Aside from music? there’s something else besides music? *ha* one of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball since that was my first love before the whenever I get a chance to get an open run in that’s what I’m doing..

One artist you’d love to collab with and why?

Honestly, it would be a dream come true to collaborate with is Stevie Wonder cuz that’s who I grew up listening to because of my father’s love for his music and him sharing that with me. Stevie’s like a freak of nature when it comes to making music so I know we would come up with something crazy given the opportunity to work together..he’s my favorite artist of any genre by the way.

What’s your take on the music that you make and direction you’re looking to go in?

The music I make is the testament of my life, which includes everything from the ups-and-downs, to the things I grew up on, the things I see around me happening everyday, to the values my family and community instilled in me. I just try to paint a picture of everything and give it to you through music.

How has the area you were raised in influenced the music you create?

The area’s I grew up in influences my music 100%, it is my music..because it is me.. not only the area I grew up in but the people I grew up around as well. I grew up in Southeast, DC(Benning Rd./Hanna Place) until I was 15 years old and then I moved out ATL. I feel like I have an advantage on a lot of artist from my city because God allowed me to see past the city, whereas a lot of people where I’m from have never left. I feel like it gives me balance to be able to relate to more than just hood niggas. and that’s a blessing in itself, because hip-hop is loved by all types of different people across the world..and I feel like I can to all those people through the diversity in my music.

What’s one quotable from any genre of music that describes you or that you keep close to you in life?

Ima highlight something my mans G.o.D. Jewels said on Glory or Death since that’s what I’ve been listening to a lot recently. He said “With friends like mine who the fuck needs enemies?” on a song that I’m actually featured on called “All The Way Around”..that’s a truthful rhetorical question basically saying in this life you can’t depend on everybody, but you can control your own actions to not disappoint yourself..Ya’ll be sure to check that mixtape/album out project of ’09 for me thus far.

What have you been working on lately and what’s coming up for you in the future?

I’ve been working on quite a few projects lately.. Writing and recording my album called “Definition of Classic” to be released at the end of the year around December, but before that I will have two mixtapes coming your way, that I won’t give too many details on yet, but stay tuned, because they will be on your head before you know it. I was supposed to be touring this summer with National Talent Search but that has been postponed due to funding and shit.. So for now, I’m just getting the music together.. and trying to create a buzz naturally..

Do you believe the state of the music industry is in a condition where new artists like yourself could thrive?

Definitely, the state of the music industry will never determine how far I can go personally..There are so many outlets to distribute your music independently. The hard part is just standing out and I feel like with my next few projects my music will stand out in this era of cliche’ rappers all trying to do the same thing to get on..Ima go left til there’s nothing left of me..*laughs* And I appreciate blogs such as LifeHasNoScript for taking the time to speak to me and allowing me to share what I have to offer. Life has no script, so everyday I continually write my own.. Thank You!! Once again, thanks for the interview and I look forward to collaborating in the future

So Sweet – Wize

Never Quit (ft. The Boy Illinois) – Wize

Sidewalk of Dreams (ft. K Chilla) – Wize

Catch Wize Here :



Life Has No Script ..write your own.

G.o.D Jewels – The Chicago Bully is coming…


G.o.D Jewels The Chicago native speaks with Life Has No Script to give his views on the state of the music industry, inspiration behind his music, and what he plans to accomplish in 2009 with the release of his highly anticipated debut mixtape, “Glory or Death“.

-What’s the inspiration behind the music you create?

Chicago lifestyle and hunger. Just trying to present my city in the proper light, Because I feel that it hasn’t. You always hear people refer to “New York Hip-Hop” or “Down South Hip-Hop”…Even “West Coast Hip-Hop”. We have so many incredible artists, Yet we don’t get mentioned when it comes to the great Hip-Hop regions. We get lost in the shuffle so to speak. So I’m just trying to give us an identity and make the best music I can possibly make in the process.

-How do you stay inspired with the state of the game the way it is currently?

It’s depressing and discouraging to tell the truth. But guys like Drake and Cudi keep me optimistic. These are dudes who you can almost say are bonafied superstars with nothing but mixtapes to their name. No albums, And no deals to speak of until recently. I think it’s a great thing. The game is evolving, And you have to evolve with it, Or become obsolete.

-Who were some of your biggest influences in not just hip-hop, but music?

Sade. I love her to death. I have her whole discography on my iPod. I grew up on her music…She’s timeless. I like to think that I’m almost the rap equivalent to Sade. All of her shit is smooth and laid back. It’s almost a fusion of RnB, New Age, Jazz…All of that. I hope to work with her one day. I’m a big Sufjan Stevens fan too…He makes some real epic shit. He made a whole concept album about Chicago and just Illinois in general…I’m using him for my follow-up mixtape. He’s good in my book. But yea, There’s too many musical influences for me to name right now…

-Your anticipated new mixtape is titled, “Glory or Death”, do you believe that you’ll achieve that “Glory” through music?

That’s the plan. Everybody should feel that way. Either achieve your glory, Whatever that may be…Or die. Point blank. Living average or just settling shouldn’t be an option. The thing about me is, I feel like I do my music with the “right” intentions. Yea, We wanna make money, We want fame…But I truly want to be the best at the craft. I think that’s a rare trait nowadays…Money is not even the main motivator. I truly want to be that dude with this shit…And want people to know it.

-What type of direction are going in with this mixtape creatively?

It’s just a showcase for my abilities. The material that’s been leaked out thus far isn’t even a fraction of what I’m capable of. I’m hoping to catch a lot people off guard with this project, And go from a slasher-type guard to an all-around guard in people’s eyes. “Oh, He can shoot and pass…and play defense?!? This nigga is dope!!!” Yea, You didn’t know I could do that did you? lol.

-As far as where you’re standing in the game right now, do you think that the wait has been worth it?

Yea, it has. The experience I’ve gained has far outweighed how long I’ve had to wait to get to this point. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m lyrically sharper, My subject matter is more focused, And I’m much more strategic as far as marketing and the different business angles I need to utilize to become successful.

-Where do you envision your career later on in the future?

Jay-Z minus the destroyed friendship and business relationships. Musically at my peak well into my 30’s, A loyal team consisting of my day-ones, And very business savvy. You learn from guys like Hov and Diddy and try to improve on their model so you don’t repeat the same mistakes they did.

-If you got the chance to collab with any artists on ONE track, who would it be?

Like I said earlier, I would love to work with Sade. Shit, I’d like to do a whole album with her. That’s like my holy grail of collabs…

-Do you think what you bring to the game is in it’s own lane creatively and what the industry should hear?

The industry is so saturated that it’s hard to stand out amongst the crowd. It’s become less about the music and more about what you had to say on the latest World Star or YouTube video. I’m just trying to bring it back to quality music and not the frivolous bullshit…

-When you release your new mixtape, where can we go to get it?

Hopefully, You won’t be able to visit a blog on the internet without seeing it. If I have it my way, Glory or Death will be everywhere and easily accessible. Myspace, Twitter…You name it. I’m thinking about offering the follow-up mixtape exclusively through Life Has No Script though…

-In your opinion, what’s your best work that you’ve done up until now?

The sequel to Glory or Death, “Greatness Opens Doors”. The key is me…

Don’t make some one your priority when you’re just one of their options. – E².

YouTube Channel:

Twitter Profile:

Big thanks to G.o.D Jewels for the interview and you can expect to hear more music from him in our future artist showcases.

– Life Has No Script, write your own.

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