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An Awakening..

At times I feel that we aren’t quite living every second completely.

We might live in our fantasies for minutes at a time in every single day. We may even catch ourselves just wasting away what time we have left happily walking a path we made in our minds. Maybe that was a little too blunt, but you get the drift. Many of us are in a constant search for another level of consciousness, a different perspective, an awakening of sorts.It had always felt that my mind seemed to wonder a bit too much, but I felt it was natural, a shared habit with far too many to count.

It took quite a while to change the lens that I view life through. I am truly seeing beauty in almost everything, a world full of color. It has allowed me to lighten the burdens hanging on my shoulders. You see, I seek perfection, something largely unattainable, but I yearn for it nonetheless. The experiences we have as people are all opportunities to find the positives in each situation. They are our paths to growth, though we don’t acknowledge that in the moment, it is beautiful. If there is a moment that changes the perspective in our lives, I hope that everyone finds their truths in it. Life should be experienced completely each second and the tick of every clock should be enjoyed as if that was the first stroke of color in our lives.


..Until next time


To be unscripted

Sometimes you can feel as though you’re a puppet to life, taking a path that you indeed did not create. You are in control though, everything that you do involves a decision that isn’t scrutinized, until days past.

Descartes once believed thinking is his essence as it is the only thing about him that cannot be doubted.

One though, leading to several more, none can be labeled as scripted. Yes, there’s something like a script, only it’s a blank canvas. A script would confine your expression into the limits of your imagination(measurements).

You live and you write, each and every day. Many strive for perfection, it being understood that you live once, so you should try and achieve the best. I believe that some are content with taking a conscious breath. A breath, in itself, is subconscious, but it is necessary to of this.

You do not count your breaths, but you count your faults. Enjoy every second, time’s ticking.

Second Chances


Take a look at this picture 

Sometimes we must cross bridges in order to get to our dreams and at times, it may seem scary, but everyone  has to cross a certain bridge sometime in their life.

Each day that you take a step, is another day where your footprint can be cemented in history forever.

Let’s stop and think about the title for a second, “Second Chances“. Many thoughts may have come to you when you think of second chances, but think about how many second chances YOU have gotten.

Isn’t every day that you wake up alive, a new chance at life? – Stick with me here people

Suppose yesterday was bad for you and you couldn’t wait to get that day over and move on to today, right?

The common phrase may have ran through your head, “today is better than yesterday,” because you wanted another chance to have a better day.

Now that we are more than likely on the same page, let’s get into the substance of this topic.

We all have made our mistakes and wished that we could correct them with a second chance, but many believe that you should not regret, only to learn from your mistakes. I mean that’s the way we can’t help, but to feel at times, because of the harsh reality of not being able to go back in time and correct our wrongs. In a lot of respects, the belief that we should just learn and not regret, is often the best choice we can make. I happen to be a firm believer in what you do tomorrow can overshadow what you did today and days past.  Seriously, you only live once and the time that we do have, really isn’t much help if we’re spending so much time trying to relive past mistakes and make ammends. The stress that one puts into their errors deprives from the effort that they put into their future.

You may have been in a bad situation, maybe a bad relationship, that went wrong or ended because of something you did. Well, you can apologize but the sad truth is that, it’s done and you can only become a better person for that. I will be discussing at length, “second chance relationships,” later on.  I often find others and even myself stressing the  past so much, that we tend to forget what’s ahead of us. As I always have to tell myself repeatedly, “in any efforts or goals that we set out for ourselves, everything requires patience.”

You know – “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It didn’t fall in one single day either.

If you are at a point in your life and you feel as though nothing is going right for you, just remember that life takes patience and that tomorrow is always a new chance for you to do something great, despite what you may think.

In closing, I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  – Mother Teresa

…until we meet again


– That Gentleman

Broaden Your Horizons

It’s 2009. The whole “It’s (insert year here)” cliche has been beat to death, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Just keep those words in mind, though…”It’s 2009.

I was speaking to a few people about interracial relationships a while back, some of their views really ain’t politically correct, but they’re not unheard of.

“My momma said if I ever bring home a white girl she’d slap me.”
“I don’t like asians. They’re weird.”
“Date a white guy? Pffft…”

My race/ethnicity/whatever term applies doesn’t and shouldn’t really matter, but for the purposes of this message, I will say that I’m a black male. I grew up in the ‘hood, by way of Gary, IN, so I’m 100% sure you already know what my taste in females was when I was younger. I had to have me a hood chick, or a “ride or die,” as that’s what they call ’em these days. Anybody with a similar background, male or female, can relate.

Ever wonder why, though? It’s no secret. It’s your parents and environment that influences your way of thinking. Everything I said or did relationship wise was tainted by these characteristics that are common for people from ‘hoods across the nation. If you’re black, this probably sounds familiar:

– General mistrust of people of different races (mainly white people)
– Disdain for and humiliation of those who date people of other races (depending on where you’re from, latinas/latinos didn’t really count)
– Was accepted as long as the person of the other race had that loot

Sounds about right?

I was pretty much the same way, until I moved away. The years that went by helped too. I felt like life was too short to be trying to fit the status quo. Just because I’m black and I wanna date a girl that ain’t black doesn’t make me a “sell out.”

The thing is, some of you out there are basically putting yourselves into boxes because of that very reason. You’re scared of what somebody will say. The thought of your friends/family laughing at you or not approving makes you uneasy. What should you do? Shoot them the bird and march to the beat of your own damn drum…only YOU can live your life, so do it. Like I said, it’s 2009. You don’t have a reason to be scared…it’s more accepted now than it was fiddy (no typo) years ago. Live a little.

Broaden your horizons, and date an Indian, Chinese, or white dude/girl. What do you have to lose?

Beware, though…when you have different cultures clashing, you can have good and bad results. All of that’ll be covered next time I bless ya’ll with some knowledge. Now gon out there and pull one of them kinky ass Korean girls you been lookin at on campus.

-The King-