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An Awakening..

At times I feel that we aren’t quite living every second completely.

We might live in our fantasies for minutes at a time in every single day. We may even catch ourselves just wasting away what time we have left happily walking a path we made in our minds. Maybe that was a little too blunt, but you get the drift. Many of us are in a constant search for another level of consciousness, a different perspective, an awakening of sorts.It had always felt that my mind seemed to wonder a bit too much, but I felt it was natural, a shared habit with far too many to count.

It took quite a while to change the lens that I view life through. I am truly seeing beauty in almost everything, a world full of color. It has allowed me to lighten the burdens hanging on my shoulders. You see, I seek perfection, something largely unattainable, but I yearn for it nonetheless. The experiences we have as people are all opportunities to find the positives in each situation. They are our paths to growth, though we don’t acknowledge that in the moment, it is beautiful. If there is a moment that changes the perspective in our lives, I hope that everyone finds their truths in it. Life should be experienced completely each second and the tick of every clock should be enjoyed as if that was the first stroke of color in our lives.


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Hello world…Chris Steez checking in to support the site and everyone else on the team behind it. I plan on helpin out by letting ya’ll know what’s going down as far as relationships/music and fashion goes. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not a fashion/love guru but I will be putting my input on whats going on in that area…

You can expect a whole new online community and fam from the Life Has No Script team…we plan to do it big word to baby d.

If that chick tossed you that L when you asked for the digits…just remember that life has no script, you can write your own.

You can basically be yourself on here and express your feelings, thoughts, and input and share what’s going on in your life…

I look forward to helping out and hearing what the people have 2 say and share, so let’s do this…im out like fat chicks in dodgeball!

– Chris Steez

Love, quite the feeling isn’t it?

What’s good everyone, I’m the Abstract but TRUE gentleman, that will be presenting you with relationship advice with the increased situational questions you provide. To me, LIFE is LOVE and LOVE is LIFE, simple but very true. When you have a blank canvas and you want to make the art yours, you put PASSION into it, letting the viewers see your true emotions. I was lucky, well unlucky enough if you will to have grown up in a house full of women, so I tend to be able to connect with females more than your average guy. It’s not that hard at all, it just takes stepping out of the stereotypical ego driven man persona and allowing yourself to feel a woman through her emotions, not her body.

The key to men understanding women and women understanding men is simply communication, which seems to happen a lot less these days, due to the maxed out hormones of our generation, but thats another story that I will continue on later! I look forward to providing you with helpful and easy tips that can boost your social skills with your dedicated effort through Life Has No Script.

– That Gentleman