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An Awakening..

At times I feel that we aren’t quite living every second completely.

We might live in our fantasies for minutes at a time in every single day. We may even catch ourselves just wasting away what time we have left happily walking a path we made in our minds. Maybe that was a little too blunt, but you get the drift. Many of us are in a constant search for another level of consciousness, a different perspective, an awakening of sorts.It had always felt that my mind seemed to wonder a bit too much, but I felt it was natural, a shared habit with far too many to count.

It took quite a while to change the lens that I view life through. I am truly seeing beauty in almost everything, a world full of color. It has allowed me to lighten the burdens hanging on my shoulders. You see, I seek perfection, something largely unattainable, but I yearn for it nonetheless. The experiences we have as people are all opportunities to find the positives in each situation. They are our paths to growth, though we don’t acknowledge that in the moment, it is beautiful. If there is a moment that changes the perspective in our lives, I hope that everyone finds their truths in it. Life should be experienced completely each second and the tick of every clock should be enjoyed as if that was the first stroke of color in our lives.


..Until next time


Random thoughts of Motivation

Today, I’ll just share some random thoughts of optimism and life’s ideals. The bold are quotes and the nonbolded print are my personal thoughts.

Make the most of what you have. Peace of mind comes from using what you possess.  If there no is no peace, the internal struggles can cause a fight within, that peaks externally, forcing your actual persona to take a back seat.Accomplishment is a matter of great satisfaction to one. Neither riches nor poverty has the inherent power to make many happy. Instead, happiness comes from making the most of what we have, where little or much. While it is evident that wealth is a very convenient thing, it is also admitted that the poor person who enjoys little is much richer than the wealthy who get no joy from his plenty. So the only standard by which we can conclude is when we are really is because the peace of mind. Success isn’t defined by how much money you have, but rather by the happiness that you possess. Riches can’t buy you what feelings you hope to obtain through having a peace with your heart and your surroundings.

Selfishness destroys character, shrinks the soul, and makes us miserable. Becoming absorbed within the self, causes you to lose sight of what’s infront of you. In order to go forward, you must look ahead and envision yourself getting there. Those who seek joy for their selves only lose it. Material joys are temporary, but happiness obtained through successful work, can last a lifetime. On the other hand, those who drive away the clouds for others will make some sunshine for their selves. The clouds that are floating above do have sunlight behind them,  but only a clear mind and optimism will allow you to see it.

“Look not every man on his own things, but every man als on on the things of others” [Pillipians 2:4]

“Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it.”

When Cultures Clash!

Meeting the parents…

Doing so can really be a mixed bag.  Even more so when their culture differs from your own.  Add the fact that they’re judgmental, and you got a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

By some spur of the moment decision this woman made in her head, she thought it’d be a good idea that I met her parents.  They were coming to Indy to pick up a relative flying in from their home country.

“You’ll be the first guy I’ve ever let them meet…maybe you shouldn’t go.  Wait, do you want to go?  I’m really really nervous.”

I just told her not to worry…it’s not like I’m going spill all the beans about our sex life or pick my nose at the dinner table.  What could go wrong?

So we go to this nice restaurant in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis…that’s a pretty busy – but nice – area of town for those of you that don’t know.  I immediately made eye contact with her dad when we walked up and shook his hand.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that her mom was pretty much dissecting me with her eyes.  If looks could kill…DAMN.

We went into the restaurant to get seated, and the food comes.  My girl’s sisters are there with their boyfriends (all of whom I’ve already met previously) and her younger brother is there (who I just met that day).  I made it a point not to sit close to her parents because I really didn’t feel like getting the 21 Questions while I was trying to eat.  That could come later.

The dinner atmosphere was warm and inviting…to everyone except me.  I still couldn’t escape her mother’s gaze though…even when she WASN’T looking at me, I felt like she was.  And on top of that, I was always left out of the conversations.  Her mom and dad were all talking to everyone else, chopping it up, laughing and all that jazz…until it came to me.  When ever I would try to chime in, they would shut up.  It was very disconcerting to say the least.

After dinner, I hung back when leaving the restaurant to be close to her dad…prompting him to talk to me.  He asked me a few general questions, but outside of those, he was pretty quiet.  The family, including me and the sisters’ boyfriends, all walked back to the cars.  I tried to indirectly jump off a convo between me and her mom, but it was over before it started.  There were times when she’d just look at me until I got the hint.

So, with that, I hugged and kissed my girl (not in front of the parents…even though we grown) and went to the crib.  The next day, I got an explanation for how her parents acted.

It seems that they’re not very open to the idea of their daughters dating.  Arranged marriage is very important in their culture, but since they raised their kids in America, they’re trying to be open to the western concept of dating…but that doesn’t mean that the like it.  Another thing is that the other sisters’ boyfriends have been around longer than me, so of course they’re more receptive to them.  They are very judgmental, and maybe the tat on my neck kinda turned them off.

I understand their point of view, but I feel like it would be nice if they would actually try to get to know and shit before they write me off as some thug or whatever.  Oh well though…we got all the time in the world for me to get in good with her parents.  I just think it’s wild that mom dukes ain’t say a damn word to me besides hi and bye.  Wow.

I’m still grateful, though.  It could have been worse…at least they ain’t come right out and say “I don’t like this guy.”  At any rate, take from this what you will, and use it wisely.

-The King-


Hello world…Chris Steez checking in to support the site and everyone else on the team behind it. I plan on helpin out by letting ya’ll know what’s going down as far as relationships/music and fashion goes. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not a fashion/love guru but I will be putting my input on whats going on in that area…

You can expect a whole new online community and fam from the Life Has No Script team…we plan to do it big word to baby d.

If that chick tossed you that L when you asked for the digits…just remember that life has no script, you can write your own.

You can basically be yourself on here and express your feelings, thoughts, and input and share what’s going on in your life…

I look forward to helping out and hearing what the people have 2 say and share, so let’s do this…im out like fat chicks in dodgeball!

– Chris Steez