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And there’s those times

At times, you may feel as though the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders. Understandably so, you feel as though you are making no progress and life, it’s just conspiring against you. It’s quite the disheartening feeling, but as we come to learn in life, it has its high’s and low’s. If we were to all be completely happy, wouldn’t it just a boring everyday ritual?  We do have those who attempt to consciously smile 24/7, but sooner or later, it does get old.

Pause, allow me to recount.

I had to learn how to convert my fustrations into something meaningful, drive. It takes a lot of patience to deal with all of the unpredictable weather life throws at you. It’s funny because even the weathermen/women are wrong several times, during the year. Things can’t well, MOST things, can’t be predicted. There’s those times, where we have to vent. There’s also those times, where we MUST vent. Then, there’s those times, where things we CAN”T quit vent at all. There’s always those times where you feel as though you can’t quite get through to anyone, it’s as if you have no voice, so it’s just consistent fustration. We all have a voice, a voice to be heard and there’s always those times, where we will be heard and felt.

You can be heard and felt without a single word, but if you so happen to use words, make it short and sweet. Nobody likes listening to someone stretch out a topic forever, when they could’ve just said it THIS quick.

Count the times today that you smiled and the times that you frowned, remembering the reasons behind the two… Is this mysterious journey as bad as it seeems, or is it really just a pessimistic midnstate that you are in.

Granted, you get thrown some curveballs that make you miss the point all together, BUT there’s those times when everything is going your way and you’re just looking for a reason for it to all stop. Why would we consciously wait on something to go wrong, maybe even something as minor as a slight slip or bead of sweat dripping from one’s forehead.


If something so minor can make you upset or put a frown on your face, then logically, we should be able to smile just as easy. After all, “it takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 muscles to smile,” depending on your addition skills.

…Until we meet again


To be unscripted

Sometimes you can feel as though you’re a puppet to life, taking a path that you indeed did not create. You are in control though, everything that you do involves a decision that isn’t scrutinized, until days past.

Descartes once believed thinking is his essence as it is the only thing about him that cannot be doubted.

One though, leading to several more, none can be labeled as scripted. Yes, there’s something like a script, only it’s a blank canvas. A script would confine your expression into the limits of your imagination(measurements).

You live and you write, each and every day. Many strive for perfection, it being understood that you live once, so you should try and achieve the best. I believe that some are content with taking a conscious breath. A breath, in itself, is subconscious, but it is necessary to of this.

You do not count your breaths, but you count your faults. Enjoy every second, time’s ticking.

Washington D.C. and so on

I’d like to make quite note of the situation. It’s deep, but simple all at the same time.

More of the same vs A Different Direction

Some feel comfortable taking the same road we have went on before, it’s understandable, change CAN be scary.

There’s this one quote that always seem to come to my mind..ah, I’ve got it.

“… take the road less traveled” Mr. Frost did write some lightweight poetry on that theme as well haha.

You get my drift, right?

It can be argued from both sides, but why travel on the same path when life only happens once? It’d just be a never-ending cycle.

I’d love to get into the actual politics of it, but quite frankly, I do know that American politics bores most American citizens. =/

– Develop your own opinions, outside of media influence. On that note, remember that it is your vote for YOUR reprensentation.

.. Until we meet again

Who Are You?

Quite the question, isn’t it?

I believe we all have asked ourselves this question.

The script, we stare, it’s empty. Truly, it’s nothing more than improvisation, but for better clarity, we tend to write it down. You are asked to either draw a self-portrait or write about who you believe yourself to be. Casually, you begin to think, considering all of your memories past and present. Maybe a few stand out to form the words to an autobiography, or maybe those memories come with smaller images that allow you to piece together a portrait. Either way, you do think you have somewhat of an idea who you are.

A moment stirs within your brain, taking you back to a time where you had no worries. You asked yourself what you would like to be. Fast forward and you still might be asking yourself that question till this day.

So, you continue composing your works, it’s more of a tough task than originally believed to be. I think everyday is a chance to sneak a moment, possibly even an entire day to continue that work. Granted, that you do wake in the morning. Many times we walk past glass or mirrors and hope to catch a glimpse of who we are, but that’s only the beginning.

As agreed by most, you can only tell so much from appearance. The answer lies deep within, in the thought that truly brings about happiness. It could be anything, that is what makes the answer so special. We all have different answers of who we think we believe we are.

Few, are lucky enough to know who they are. Those that do, focus on helping others find that answer and begin to write the script progressively.

This will continue at a different time, look for your answer.

.. Until we meet again

– That Gentleman

Keep it REAL

You know what? Being real is so simple!!

It saves you a lot of time, drama, and headaches. I’m writing tonight because I’ve noticed that a lot of “daters” having become increasingly fake with each other. It’s almost as if people date with masks on now. I mean really, tell me how you REALLY feel.

First, you must be real with yourself before you can be real with others, it’s a fact. If you begin telling lies to yourself, you’ll just become an eventual habitual liar. For example, I’m not the biggest of guys, but I can’t go around telling myself I’m huge everyday, feel me? Sooner OR later, you’ll start to believe those lies and reality will set you back to groundzero.

It’s so much more easier to just be upfront and honest. You don’t have to make up a lie to be honest. Of course, the truth hurts sometimes, but lies expand, truths don’t. One lie could start an avalanche of lies, see John Edwards.

If you’re single, tell someone if you’re dating. If you’re with someone, don’t say you’re just dating. Truths eventually come to light.

Men if you don’t feel that you can be faithful, save yourself the busted windows and let her know. Ladies, if you’re trying to work it out with a guy, let the others know, he just may understand.

In a relationship, learn the art of staying true with yourselves and everyone else. If things aren’t alright, don’t pretend otherwise. It takes more to lie, then to address it and solve the problems. Problems are MEANT to occur, nothing will ever sail smoothly. People understand that others have flaws, it’s one of the many beauties to life. Embrace it and keep it real.

.. Until we meet again

– That Gentleman

When To Be A Gentleman and When Not To.

I bet you’re wondering… huh?

Why this topic?  Well, it’s quite simple.

The other day one of my friends brought to my attention that I possess the ability to know when to be a gentleman and when to turn it absolutely off. I had to ponder for a moment, non in the literal sense of what he said, but whether it was a good thing or not.

I came to realize that this was indeed a very good thing..and you ask, “Why?”

Take a minute to step under my suspenders and ponder yourself.

When should YOU be a true gentleman in today’s society – everyday, every other day, never?  Always such a tough question. I’ll try to make this as brief as possible, but that’d require me to be very blunt, so please excuse the following haha.

It is quite easier to get in between a woman’s legs than it is to get in between her ears in today’s society.  Women will allow you penetrate their sexual emotions faster than you can their intellect out of fear.  There are specific reason for that, but I’ll detail that at a later time.

Why should allow yourself to be a gentleman when it’s so easy to bypass intimacy? Think about it for a second.

I could LITERALLY stick my thumb out and garner sexual attention faster than I could trying to “get to know” a lady.  Once again, it’s not all the ladies’ fault at all, but they are in contribution to the problem.

Should you allow yourself to be a gentleman when  most females continually write good males off as “too good to be true”? It is largely believed that men are getting progressively worse, but in the words of Malcolm X – “society can best be gauged by the condition of women in that society”. I personally, believe in his sentiments because after all, women are the teachers of curent and future generations.  Remember when I wrote about “The Under-appreciated Gentleman,” this is just a continuance of it. Chivalry is respected and recognized, but not readily available to every individual woman.

You see, you must take it on a case-by-case basis or you’ll quickly burn out of chivalrous gestures to women who’d rather take it physically. Women say they love gentleman, but are not properly equipped to receive one. Why? It is because the lack of intimacy has given up and coming men a pass to learn the patience and respect of women.

It comes full circle, but as you see, giving in one hand (literally) and taking in another.

With the lack of intimacy, there becomes a lack of gentlemen. It’s increasingly getting worse and for the gentlemen of today, you must learn how to accustom your methods to this.

Women, take your power to hone patience and run with it, please. Don’t allow us to question  becoming a gentleman, force it.

..Until we meet again

– That Gentleman.

Cuff Season, the unspoken season.

You see it, but you’re scared to travel down the cold path alone.

An introduction to that time of the month…well, I mean “time of the year”

I bet you’re wondering what “Cuff Season” is, but it’s quite simple. We are currently a couple of weeks into it and the craze that it brings,it is quite hilarious. Give me some time to explain and I’ll have you understanding the comedy as well haha.

You know the time of the year where it gets cold and cuddling begins to increase at a rapid rate?  – That’s only the beginning of cuff season.

Hormones are raging and people are wanting someone to call their own for the holidays. I was talking with a couple of my guys and made the statement, “people sure do go crazy over Christmas presents”. So what are YOU getting that loved one for the holidays? See, funny stuff.

  It’s quite understood that people want someone to care about them during the holidays, but if you REALLY just look and think about it, it never fails.  Take a seat in a Starbucks or walk around a crowded area, people are talking about wanting to be in a relationship and seeing all THEIR friends in relationships.

If you don’t catch yourself, you’ll get caught up in it too, but there’s always a time and place for everything. Don’t do it, RECONSIDER. Cuff Season does indeed have an ending period, where the spring/summer creeps up and people are going haywire just to get out and party again. The chains and leashes tend to loosen and fall off. People just have a tendency to want to have their options open, allowing them to be “single and ready to mingle”.  Think about it for a second.

Cuff season goes along the same lines as the flu, it’s airborne(word of mouth) and it’s contagious.  Personally, I’ve heard the “I want a boyfriend” statement so many times already and we haven’t gotten completely into the winter months yet. Everytime, I can only just give a brief sigh and continue to stay out the Black Friday-like chaos.

I’ve chosen to not even touch Cuff Season this year because all together, it’s one BIG headache. If you did indeed get a loved one this Cuff Season, I tip my hat to you because it could’ve been a relationship in the works. If you got a loved this season because you saw others doing it and felt alone, shame on you, REALLY.  As the ice melts away and the flowers begin to bloom, the egos of those who were in relationships/flings seem to get a great boost and they feel rejuvenated for the upcoming months. Cuff Season does not offer immunity shots or any remedies except for sad love songs and quick pick-me-up’s. While people are rushing to get their holiday plans in gear and purchase gifts, others are scheming on how they’ll attract someone for the holidays.  Two sides of the spectrum that seem to collide at an intersection of sorts.

Women take it a bit more serious than others and become completely upset about it, but I understand, trust me. It’s just something that’s natural and more often than not, unnoticed.  Continue on with your normally scheduled companionship rituals, just remember that it’s Cuff Season and it DOES have an end to it.

I know, I know, you knew about it all along..but I did say it was unspoken, right?

.. Until we meet again

– That Gentleman

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sometimes in life, you just get extremely bogged down. In the sense that every plan that you set, gets overshadowed by an array of situations that just “pop up”. It is definitely not enough time in the day to accomplish everything you would like to, but I’d really like to send a big “Thank You” to daylight savings’ time. The day just grows longer with less light haha. We’ve been away for a while because so many things just happen and honestly, I wish I could spend more time sharing our thoughts with you.

For now, I’ll just appreciate the time that is given and continue to strive for the best. People, don’t let yourself get so tied down that you forget to have fun in life, take some time and just relax for a change.

… Until we meet again

– That Gentleman

Just take the high road

Take the high road.

How many times have you heard that line? – > A lot, I know.

It seems to be present in every situation that arises though. If I can’t decide on which path to take, I take the highroad, logical and conservative at the same time. Besides, it never hurts to play it safe, right?

As a matter of fact, it does, at times. You play it safe and risk the chance of missing out on an opportunity.  Scared to jump, believe that there’s nothing to fall back on and catch you. You think, not only for yourself, but for those around you. Yet, you know that you only live once. You can act now or never, which is the choice we make everyday over and over again.  Shall we stop here or keep going?

My message to you is that there’s a STOP behind every corner. You can watch traffic or you can make that move and go into traffic, but you could also lose sitting at the stopsign.  The clock steadily ticks, while we steadily wait, but for what?

…Until we meet again

– That Gentleman

Life’s obstacles

In life, we go through some things, to most…obstacles. Without those obstacles, life would be boring and in my opinion, meaningless.

You can go over, under, around, and between them. In many cases, they come at the most uneventful times and just drag your situation further in the ground, but hey, it’s life.

What do we expect? For life to have an easy button to everything?!

Not one single person is born and dies without a single obstacle hindering them at some point in life. It’s a challenge and who doesn’t like a challenge? -Success isn’t truly appreciated without a challenge, right?

Maybe you felt as though you’ve gone through a lot more than others, maybe that is actually the case, BUT there is always someone out there going or has gone through something worse than YOU. We must learn to appreciate the obstacles we do face because it allows us to “show what we’ve got”. A person really doesn’t realize their strengths till their weaknesses become prevalent. Everyone has a weakness and we’re all meant to enjoy the short time we do have in life.

Look at it this way-

Since you live once, would you rather;

A) Go through the life on easy street, with little obstacles and pass on without having really tested yourself

B) Go through life thorougly being tested by a challenge around every corner, realizing your true potential and progressing yourself

-> In my opinion, B sounds better because then it would mean my life is worth something and the things that I did accomplish in life felt right, considering the effort that I put in. It takes a special force inside of a person to overcome an obstacle, but we all have to cross that bridge at some time. You may have a helping hand to overcome the obstacle, you may not, but remember that the obstacle is what makes you who you are.

The biggest limit to people overcoming is their own minds. We as people, use outside as influence as crutches that usually have a negative impact on the mindset we taking, in regards to obstacles. As said in society, “go with your gut feeling”. I understand that the odds may be stacked against you, but it only takes a split second for the sun to peak from behind the clouds. Value the clear, mild, and even stormy weather because that’s all you’ve got and there is no choice as to which one you receive.

“To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

…Until we meet again

-That Gentleman