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And there’s those times

At times, you may feel as though the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders. Understandably so, you feel as though you are making no progress and life, it’s just conspiring against you. It’s quite the disheartening feeling, but as we come to learn in life, it has its high’s and low’s. If we were to all be completely happy, wouldn’t it just a boring everyday ritual?  We do have those who attempt to consciously smile 24/7, but sooner or later, it does get old.

Pause, allow me to recount.

I had to learn how to convert my fustrations into something meaningful, drive. It takes a lot of patience to deal with all of the unpredictable weather life throws at you. It’s funny because even the weathermen/women are wrong several times, during the year. Things can’t well, MOST things, can’t be predicted. There’s those times, where we have to vent. There’s also those times, where we MUST vent. Then, there’s those times, where things we CAN”T quit vent at all. There’s always those times where you feel as though you can’t quite get through to anyone, it’s as if you have no voice, so it’s just consistent fustration. We all have a voice, a voice to be heard and there’s always those times, where we will be heard and felt.

You can be heard and felt without a single word, but if you so happen to use words, make it short and sweet. Nobody likes listening to someone stretch out a topic forever, when they could’ve just said it THIS quick.

Count the times today that you smiled and the times that you frowned, remembering the reasons behind the two… Is this mysterious journey as bad as it seeems, or is it really just a pessimistic midnstate that you are in.

Granted, you get thrown some curveballs that make you miss the point all together, BUT there’s those times when everything is going your way and you’re just looking for a reason for it to all stop. Why would we consciously wait on something to go wrong, maybe even something as minor as a slight slip or bead of sweat dripping from one’s forehead.


If something so minor can make you upset or put a frown on your face, then logically, we should be able to smile just as easy. After all, “it takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 muscles to smile,” depending on your addition skills.

…Until we meet again