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The Status Quo….Dare to Be Different!

Hey… Its me, Mr. Real Life. I have been thinking a lot this past week about a lot of things going on in society nowadays. One thing that has been on my mind is people and how we as people go about doing things on our day-to-day functions. Part of how we as a society tend to function is to be in line with the status quo, or keeping things the way they are because that seems to be the right thing to do instead of functioning differently. I have to say that the status quo is not always a good thing and it is really painful to see many of us stick to that as a crutch in society. So why not dare to be different? Is it because maybe you are afraid of what others might think of you? Or are you a follower? Just think about this whole ideological sense of going with the flow. Politically, it seems like the right thing to do but we all know where that has gotten us as far as our federal government. For those who watch the news and keep up with politics, then it would be well apparent that the status quo is viral and rampant. Being afraid of change is a natural reaction among many people and that is ok. It takes time to get used to change because of the fact that you have done the same thing over and over again. We all have our own minds and yes our opinions and thoughts are often influenced by the environmental, family, and other elements. But remind yourself that you can be different and not just think the way others think, do what others do, say what others say. In the end, you are seen as a leader than a follower. That is how we fight this growing epidemic known as the status quo. Being politically correct is the default of complex thinking and in expressing one’s self. Believe it or not but I believe that being in line with the status quo is a threat to society because often people get caught up into the same ordeals and not utilizing their own freedom to think independently. The mind has to be expansive and be willing to think outside the box. The mind is like a sponge and it absorbs a lot of information only if you allow it. So my challenge to everyone is to challenge one another and be self reliant and an independent thinker. Remember that your voice is only as strong as your mind So Dare to be different.

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Spoken…… Mr. RealLife


Hollywood Floss – An Introduction To HIS Music!

Coming to you from Houston,Texas is a rapper,producer,and promoter, Hollywood FLOSS, looking to continue making headlines in the music industry. Starting in the year 2006. FLOSS has worked his way up from grassroots efforts, constantly creating his music to make way into people’s speakers. Allow LifeHasNoScript to give you a better look into the artist, Hollywood FLOSS, as we find out a little bit more about him and where his mind is.

So what is your official stagename and why’d you choose it?

My official stage name is Hollywood FLOSS, but most call me either Hollywood or Floss… I didnt choose it, the Floss part was actually given to me! It used to be Flossy B as a nickname around the hood, but i dropped it and went for just FLOSS when i started to take rap seriously… Hollywood is what I added to help you remember me, as much as the music should speak for yourself, this is a business and you have to leave an impression.

How did your favorite artists influence your music

You know what thats a good question… My favorite artist are spread out across all different genres, I’m talking Prince to Andre3k to Squarepusher to Maroon 5, so that opened my eyes to accept different types of music and help me create music thats more open and honest… I feel i will try and take risk with my music, whereas most new musicians are afraid of what others think, and have a hard time finding themselves as an artist.

How long have you been involved in music as an artist?

As an artist I’ve been around since 2006… I use that as the year where I started to take rap/producing seriously and making a name for myself.

You’re gaining fans with the more material you drop, how do you plan to achieve a mass fanbase?

If you truly listen to my music and give new artist like myself a chance, there’s NO way, you wont like something i do point blank! Thats not being cocky, thats being truthful. The mass fanbase comes from people knowing about you, so I plan on building a brand where you see my name and you expect good music, to relate to the music or something different… I’m a true believer in word of mouth, so as long as i’m doing my part and spreading my music, the fans will come.

What’s your inspiration behind the music you make and what mindset do you go in to make it?

My biggest inspiration to making music is striving to get better and eventually be amongst the greats… In the past I’ve seen people say i just want to get by, NEGATIVE! I want to be remembered and the cause of arguments LOL… My mindset when making music is 1) are you being yourself 2) is it different, does it standout? 3) Is it enjoyable, will it stand the test of time!

Has the area you were raised in played a part in the your creativity

Houston is really diverse for those who watch tv and just think its cowboys or grills… So i’d definitely say 110% Yes the diversity of the city has played a part in my music… Ask my family and friends and they will tell you I’m all about seeing different life and being apart of not so similar cultures… My music represents my honest thoughts and the life i’m trying to get to.

What do you think about the state of the music industry currently?

I cant lie, the game is bittersweet… On one end you have messed up sales and ridiculous music being put out for political reasons, but then you have the good side of the game where you can actually make a name for yourself without leaving the house…I mean its beautiful to be able to test the waters with your material and have access to your primary fans, so your not wasting anyones time. If anything i will say the game has the potential to be more balanced, where in the past your career really wasnt up to you, Artists can actually be themselves and run their career if they decide to. Its interesting!

How would you describe the style of your music?

Man sometimes i dont know what i be doing… i wouldnt call myself a rapper, rapping is just the most frequent form of expression i use! … I’m all over the place avant garde – soul – hiphop – rock – electronica… I really need to coin a genre for myself… It’s always switching up.

If you could choose one artist to collab with on a track, who would it be and why?

Def. gotta go with Andre3k! … He’s one person in music who has know limits, and i pride myself with not having any limits to what i can do, so i would love to see his process and what goes into making the thought provoking music he does…Also got to ask him is Erykah Badu stuff that good!

What is your favorite hip hop quotable, if you had to choose one?

Wow! so many of them… and i’m a random dude, but one of my favorites is from Can I Live…

“Lock my body can’t trap my mind, easily

explain why we adapt to crime

I’d rather die enormous than live dormant that’s how we on it

Live at the main event, I bet a trip to Maui on it”

He pretty much summed up a young black man’s mind right there

What is your most favorite track that you’ve done up-to-date?

Favorite track to date – either “She A Dime” or “Before You Judge”… I use to think it was cliche for rappers to say this, but every new track is your favorite…I’m telling yall this recording songs is CRACK, its the new CRACK

What is your most favorite track that you’ve done up-to-date?

I have an early hits projects coming soon for those who need to catch up and learn about me, New album coming late summer/early fall “House of Dreams” and group projects from E Pluribus Unum – rap/rock group and T.H.E.M. – the houston elite Mc’s compilation…So the calender’s full, hopefully the fans support

DOWNLOAD: ART or Fi$cal Intelligience – Hollywood Floss

I just want to thank blogs and magazines like yourself, for giving the underdogs and new artist a slight chance to even the playing field out! It really means alot

You can find more from Hollywood FLOSS at :




Ex’s, kryptonite to a new relationship (part 1)

Current Song – “Exxes (instrumental)” – The Klasix

This first part is sponsored by – http://thekidampgreen.blogspot.com

Well I guess I’ll just let out a little rant about a topic that hits home,it’s going to be more random than anything, trust me

Anybody that has ever went through a breakup can probably get the drift on what I’m about to speak on. Ugh “ex’s” =/ Love em, Hate em, they still were in your life at SOME point in time.

Well, I’ve been through some rough breakups and all that good/bad stuff, but I always got love for my “ex’s”. They’ve helped me grow and mature mentally, something that is NOT guranteed to be a result from everyone you come in contact with. So, you may have had an ex that meant a lot too you and they could have done you wrong right, but didn’t you learn from it? Didn’t you look back on it and see your faults, even if in large, they weren’t yours? You could have been the guilty party in the relationship and you may have knocked over the house of cards. BAM! It all comes crashing down.. Life is SUPPOSED to have its learning experiences, but it seems as though people tend to think that every relationship they’re in, is suppose to work. Allow me to introduce reality into this topic..every relationship WON’T work. Hey, you could be one of those “lucky” people and just have that one magical relationship, but for the rest of us “non-magical” people, the shit hits the fan every now and then. Sometimes we can prevent it, sometimes we can’t, but it happens to the best of us. That’s why you see so many breakup songs, movies, video blogs and people are just crying all over it.

They say the best teacher is experience right? Well why can’t you learn from an ex? Even if you hate them, they still added a little bit more common sense into your mind. You might even still be cool with them and they could be a great friend, but in most situations, that isn’t the case. Break ups can be quite the monster, can’t they? Haha, it’s ridiculous how nasty they can get (pause). People’s hearts get ripped out of their chests for a brief period in time, only to find out that they had been wasting their time. Then, you have to deal with the nasty breakup spilling over into your new relationship, which is NEVER good. Your new girl/new guy, does not want to hear you whining about your ex, they’ll think you’re going to be putting them in comparison. It’s good to speak on the breakups and ex’s, but not good to dwell on them. When you allow yourself to do that, you’re allowing that bad experience veil your future with the new person, whether you like it or not. Maybe you’re wondering if your ex is “alright” or if they found someone “better” than you, but the key once again, is LEARNING.

Ex’s can torment people’s minds pretty bad and only time can heal the heart. It could make you zone out to Al Green for a couple of hours and shed quite a few tears, letting tissue become your bestfriend for a period haha. Yes, it happens to dudes too…Dude’s dwell on it more than you would think, even the egotistical ones. Trust me, I’ve seen first hand what a breakup can do to a guy or girl and it’s never good on either side, despite what common perceptions would say. Take some time out of your life today and think about an “ex”, even if it makes you shutter, and figure out what they helped you learn about yourself or life in general. For now, we can just say that the ex was some little sidenote that you had tried to whiteout, but the bottle went empty when you got halfway across the name.. “Alici– cot damn I’m out of white out!” Lol, grow from that experience, use those mistakes to grant your mind the opportunity to avoid them in the future. As I continue to write more parts to this series increases, the deeper I’ll get. Break out the tissues, you might just need them haha =/

“Everything she’d do, take a toll on my brain”

..Until we meet again

– That Gentleman

Oops, I Forgot To Introduce Myself..

Well, some like to call me An Abstract Gentleman( a simple Corey to MOST), yea it sounds weird, but I can promise you it has a deeper meaning. It stems from quite a few things actually and since I forgot to formally introduce myself, yes very un-gentleman like lol, but allow me to give you a bit of insight on who I am.

ab·stract (b-strkt, bstrkt)

-Difficult to understand; abstruse
-Having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation


– A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior.

Combine the two and you have me. Seems simple right?
It doesn’t rarely get understood that easily for being so simple. What is a TRUE gentleman these days? Does he open doors, but smash every girl possible? Does he hold out for the perfect one only to be disappointed?? To some, the word gentleman does not exist because of the standards men today have set for themselves. I call myself an abstract gentleman because even though I may act like a true gentleman, some of my ideas that I conjure in the twisted maze for a head I have, are practical, yet misunderstood. Sometimes I wonder why I act the way I do towards women, in wanting to understand them completely and wanting to know them mentally before anything else. The guys may say that’s putting it on the pedestal but I just like to call it preparing myself mentally for the wifey. In order to understand the ever emotional women in today’s society, you have to understand the causes of them becoming sappy. A gentleman could and would listen to them, but an ABSTRACT gentleman would take a step back and think on it for a while, thinking of all possible reasons and ways to correct this problem. We listen, but do not speak, think but do no reveal, speak but do not lecture. In order to understand an abstract gentleman, you must put all hormones to the side and think of man and women on a spiritual level. Are we here to bang each other but are we here to help each other? Most people say its the latter option, but do not conduct themselves in actions that would affirm those sentiments. Our generation is one that will affect the world for years to come and we MUST set an example for the coming generations. Well, that was me in the fewest amount of words I could put together, now it’s time to get back to dating advice haha..

…Until We Meet Again

– That Abstract Gentleman

From Lack of Communication…to Too Much

Well hello again!

In my first blog about dating and relationships, I discussed how in most scenarios of today, couples do not speak enough. I’m sure its either happened to you in a relationship or it will eventually, but there is a contrast to that “lack of communication”. You CAN have too much communication in a relationship and it could bore the hell out of you and/or your partner.

Real talk, these days people got all these social networking profiles,phones, PDAs, and it just makes people that much more accessible. You see girls and guys in a relationship who actually talk to each other too much. Understand that when I say that, that I do place a high emphasis on speaking with one another because you never know when you could lose that one person, but you could also say too much to them. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you literally have nothing to say to each other when you’re in each other’s presence because you texted them all day, do you? Your significant other has your twitter/myspace/facebook/skype/etc etc and you always seem to know what each other is doing, but you feel the need to talk 24/7?
I’ve been there personally and it’s not fun at all, awkward silences suck BIG time. For a relationship to succeed you have to maintain that balance of talking too much and too little, which is not hard to do, you just have to be consistent with it. Have you ever had those days where it felt like you had a cloud over your head and thought about calling or talking to your significant other for just a second to cheer yourself up? Well, think about applying it to your relationship. The opposite end of that is that you could have been talking to that significant other all day and they really didn’t help that much, possibly adding onto the stress or not being of any help at all.

Had you maintained that balance then you’d feel that much better talking to them at that *low point* so they can uplift your spirits right(unless you’re just some big pessimistic individual lol)? You’d look forward to talking to them instead of dodging their texts/calls because we all know someone that dodges calls from their boyfriend or girlfriend haha. You’ll hear people talking about “she won’t leave me alone” or “he’s always calling me!”, funny right? Why are they saying that? It could be in large due to the fact that you may talk TOO much. Like seriously, why are you going to text ALL day and expect to have a full on conversation when you meet up? Okay, there are those exceptional instances where you’re maybe traveling and assuring safety, but you really want to make those words stand out to each other. I mean let’s be serious, you can’t REALLY run out of things to say each other, but you can make your conversations that much more dull by speaking too often about nothing.. Do I seriously need to know what you’re doing in the next 5seconds or tell you what time I’m going to be leaving the restroom? People, let’s just try to maintain that balance and keep those words that you do speak to each other, special.

Personally, I place more emphasis on words rather than physical presence because of that, making words THAT much more impacting to me, but that’s another rant that I’ll dive into at the next appointed time. 😉

Until we meet again

— That Gentleman

So where have I been………Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is….

J……J to the JG….LOL! Just playing!

Hey what’s up everyone? Sorry for being a stranger to you all, but allow me to introduce myself(literally). My name is James a.k.a The Realest JG. I am the co-CEO and partner with Corey, a good friend of mines who has been the architect of the website thus far. But now that I had a chance to deal with personal issues, I am ready to step into this exciting new venture along with Corey. I am willing to share with you my ordeals and many kinds of posts that reflect on the daily grind of Life. The reality of it all is that there is no script in life itself. It’s unpredictable. So expect the unexpected from me. Another thing is that I really love music. Music is a precious art form. When I see other people abuse it, I shake my head. But anyway I’ll be doing various video segments and along with posts on non-scripted events so watch out! I am just that. THE REALEST(or one of them)……

Are You Where You Want To Be In Life?

Your life, like this blog’s name, REALLY has no script. One minute you could have something planned out and a second later, the plans ruined. You ever felt like that? I know I can’t be the only one who’s life is generally planned, but tends to deviate off course. Maybe sometimes I write outside of the lines on my canvas, it just feels as though my mind can’t be controlled at times. You have a million things running through your head, but you can’t concentrate on just ONE thing, which can drive you crazy.

The pen to my canvas, yes I said pen because you can’t go back in time and erase previous actions, it moves so fast, making smooth and swift strokes on my script. It’s quite mind boggling, watching it at work, a true out-of-body experience. But you see, my script isn’t a script to an epic movie, it’s a silent drama, only felt through the emotions seen on one’s face. Sure you can read what I write, but would you feel the way I felt when I wrote it? Doubt it.. Many have creative imaginations, it’s just that ONE imagination can’t be duplicated. You can’t make another Einstein, another Martin Luther King Jr, or another Hendrix…You just can’t but you can look at their works in retrospect and soak in it’s greatness.

Despite what science says, you can’t duplicate a person, and you can’t duplicate an ORIGINAL script. Your own life script may tend too be kind of hazy in an unorganized chaos way, but your dreams are perfectly imperfect, leaving you the necessary room needed to grow. So with that being said, the script to life is yours to make what you want of it in the short time that you do have, so use every tool you can garner to make it a masterpiece…because you only get one chance to write it.

Till we meet again..

-That Gentleman

Broaden Your Horizons

It’s 2009. The whole “It’s (insert year here)” cliche has been beat to death, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Just keep those words in mind, though…”It’s 2009.

I was speaking to a few people about interracial relationships a while back, some of their views really ain’t politically correct, but they’re not unheard of.

“My momma said if I ever bring home a white girl she’d slap me.”
“I don’t like asians. They’re weird.”
“Date a white guy? Pffft…”

My race/ethnicity/whatever term applies doesn’t and shouldn’t really matter, but for the purposes of this message, I will say that I’m a black male. I grew up in the ‘hood, by way of Gary, IN, so I’m 100% sure you already know what my taste in females was when I was younger. I had to have me a hood chick, or a “ride or die,” as that’s what they call ’em these days. Anybody with a similar background, male or female, can relate.

Ever wonder why, though? It’s no secret. It’s your parents and environment that influences your way of thinking. Everything I said or did relationship wise was tainted by these characteristics that are common for people from ‘hoods across the nation. If you’re black, this probably sounds familiar:

– General mistrust of people of different races (mainly white people)
– Disdain for and humiliation of those who date people of other races (depending on where you’re from, latinas/latinos didn’t really count)
– Was accepted as long as the person of the other race had that loot

Sounds about right?

I was pretty much the same way, until I moved away. The years that went by helped too. I felt like life was too short to be trying to fit the status quo. Just because I’m black and I wanna date a girl that ain’t black doesn’t make me a “sell out.”

The thing is, some of you out there are basically putting yourselves into boxes because of that very reason. You’re scared of what somebody will say. The thought of your friends/family laughing at you or not approving makes you uneasy. What should you do? Shoot them the bird and march to the beat of your own damn drum…only YOU can live your life, so do it. Like I said, it’s 2009. You don’t have a reason to be scared…it’s more accepted now than it was fiddy (no typo) years ago. Live a little.

Broaden your horizons, and date an Indian, Chinese, or white dude/girl. What do you have to lose?

Beware, though…when you have different cultures clashing, you can have good and bad results. All of that’ll be covered next time I bless ya’ll with some knowledge. Now gon out there and pull one of them kinky ass Korean girls you been lookin at on campus.

-The King-